Baltic Producers Spotlight

Friday, February 17 from 3 – 4pm at Producers & Projects Hub (Gropius Bau, 2nd floor)

A blend between emerging and established creators, the 12 producers from the three Baltic countries presented within the framework of the Baltic Producers Spotlight are on the forefront of their field, providing a professional working environment and facilitating key business for producers: developing film projects, networking, financing, producing and distributing.

Baltic Rough Cut Presentation

Monday, February 20, 12 noon – 1.30 pm at Gropius Bau Cinema

Talented producers from Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia present six upcoming documentary projects. The projects cover a wide range of topics including the present and the future of planet Earth, mind-blowing possibilities of the human body, the poetic encounters in the borderland of wakefulness and sleep, the abuse behind the success of a young freestyle skier, life on the war front line in Ukraine and generational exploration of identity.

The showcase is followed by a networking session in the Business Lounge of Gropius Bau.

A New Reality: Decolonising the Post-Soviet Screen

Monday, February 20, 3.15pm – 4.30pm at Documentation Centre for Displacement, Expulsion, Reconciliation

The Russian war against Ukraine has brought into focus the realities that have been unfolding for decades in the successor states of the former Soviet Union. This conversation will explore how the contemporary realities of this space are relayed, mediated and depicted onscreen through filmmaking.