Podcasts 2020

13 recordings of the 2020 programme are provided below as a series of podcasts. They feature a string of international key-players, inspiring talks, showcases of brand-new series from around the world as well as stellar presentations focused on the challenges and opportunities of the ever extending streaming universe.

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Berlinale Series Market 2020
Panel Programme & Panelists of the Previous Edition

Time Location Type Event
10 - 10.30 am ZOO 2 Opening Session Opening Remarks and Keynote Conversation with Jason Segel
10.30 - 11.30 am ZOO 2 Panel The Streaming Revolution
11.45 - 12.30 pm ZOO 4 Showcase Upcoming Series from Germany
12.45 - 1.30 pm ZOO 4 Showcase Constantin Film Showcase
2 - 2.45 pm ZOO 4 Panel Terms of Trade: Global Streamers Investing in Local Originals
3.15 - 4 pm ZOO 4 Showcase First Look at SHADOWPLAY with Cast and Creator
3.15 - 4 pm ZOO 3 Showcase The New Landscape of Crime - It Would Be Criminal to Miss It
4.30 - 5.15 pm ZOO 4 Panel "Dignity" - How to Turn a Local Drama into a Global Event
5.45 - 6.30 pm ZOO 4 Showcase 2020: Chilean Series on the Rise

10 - 10.30 am, ZOO 2
Opening Session
Opening remarks and keynote conversation with Jason Segel
Moderated by Anna Richardson

10.30 - 11.30 am, ZOO 2
Opening Panel: The Streaming Revolution
Within the last decade the global TV landscape has changed forever and new market dynamics revolutionize the business as we know it. While the tone in global competition is set by the streaming giants, local key players shake up their domestic markets. An intimate knowledge of their talent pool and production landscape as well as a deep understanding of their audiences has proven to be essential for their success. Local streaming executives talk about their innovative business models, content strategies and collaboration opportunities.

“Navigation through the European TV landscape” by Rémi Tereszkiewicz (CEO, BetaSeries)
With Arnim Butzen (Vice President Commercial Management Entertainment & TV, Telekom Deutschland GmbH), Sergio Oslé (President, Moviestar+), Soumya Sriraman (President & CEO, BritBox), Filippa Wallestam (EVP & Chief Content Officer, NENT Group)
In cooperation with Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
Moderated by Manori Ravindran (International Editor, Variety)

In cooperation with

11.45 - 12.30 pm, ZOO 4
Upcoming Series from Germany
Highly anticipated series from Germany will be presented with an exclusive sneak peek and scenes straight from the set: KATAKOMBEN (NEUESUPER, Joyn, Beta Film), HÖLLENTAL (ZDF, Kundschafter Film) and LAST WORD (Pantaleon, Netflix).

With Florian Kamhuber (Head Writer/Producer KATAKOMBEN), Johanna Thalmann (Writer KATAKOMBEN), Dirk Engelhardt (Producer HÖLLENTAL), Marie Wilke (Director HÖLLENTAL), Carlos Irmscher (Showrunner LAST WORD), Aron Lehmann (Writer LAST WORD), Daniel Sonnabend (Producer LAST WORD)
Moderated by Anna Richardson

11.30 am - 1 pm, HAU3, Top Floor
Berlinale Talents Panel
Speaking the Youth: Writing Teenage Series
How to sound like a true millennial? LOL! Since authenticity is easily at risk when it comes to youth series, creators from Germany (DRUCK) and Finland (KARMA, GIRLGANG) share their secrets about writing short form content. Examples drawn from their latest creations illustrate how they break down language barriers to reach online audiences and gain their attention and trust.

With Julia Penner (Writer, DRUCK), Ronja Salmi (Writer, KARMA), Sandra Stöckmann (Writer, DRUCK)
Moderated by Meredith Burkholder (Founder & Director, Webfest Berlin)

12.45 - 1.30 pm, ZOO 4
Constantin Film Showcase
Germanys number one independent production and distribution company presents its innovative series highlights (e.g. “We children from Bahnhof Zoo”) and shares insights on the upcoming high-end production slate for 2020.

With Oliver Berben (Member of the Executive Board), Sophie von Uslar (Producer), Rüdiger Böss (Producer) and Kathrin Bullemer (Producer)
Moderated by John Hopewell (Variety)
Hosted by Constantin Film

2 - 2.45 pm, ZOO 4
Terms of Trade: Global Streamers Investing in Local Originals

The rise of streaming has changed the way people watch television and now global players are reshaping how TV projects are financed and produced. With the adoption of the revised Audio-visual Media Services Directive, Europe has a chance to reconsider the terms of trade between these new platforms and independent producers and to impose certain investment quotas on streaming services. After an introduction by Christoph Fey (Entertainment Lawyer, VON HAVE FEY) producers and representatives of producers’ unions discuss the necessary framework conditions with streaming platforms and how the national lawmakers can ensure European innovation and viewer choice.

With Christoph Fey (Entertainment Lawyer, VON HAVE FEY), Alex Boden (TV and Film Producer, Chair of the Production Guild of Great Britain), Philipp Kreuzer (TV and Film Producer, Board Member of the German Producers Association).
Moderated by Danna Stern (Managing Director, Yes Studios).

3.15 - 4 pm, ZOO 4
First Look at SHADOWPLAY with Cast and Creator
SHADOWPLAY is the wild west of purgatory, set in divided Berlin. American cop, Max McLaughlin, arrives in Berlin in the summer of 1946 to help create a police force in the chaotic aftermath of the war. Max’s goal is to take down “Engelmacher” Gladow, the Capone of this divided and broken city. Secretly Max undertakes a personal crusade to find his missing brother, who is killing ex-Nazis in hiding. Unbeknownst to Max, he is being used as a pawn in what will become the Cold War.

With Nina Hoss (A MOST WANTED MAN, THE AUDITION), Sebastian Koch (HOMELAND, NEVER LOOK AWAY), Tuppence Middleton (SENSE8, DOWNTOWN ABBEY - THE FILM), and Mala Emde (BRECHT, CHARITÉ), Måns Mårlind (Director, SHADOWPLAY), Rola Bauer (Executive Producer, TANDEM) and David Davoli (EVP, BRON Studios).

Moderated by Michael Pickard (Editor at Drama Quarterly, C21Media)
Hosted by StudioCanal

3.15 - 4 pm, ZOO 3
The New Landscape of Crime – It Would Be Criminal to Miss It
Presented by all3media international, Greer Simpkin of Bunya Productions, Australia, and Hordur Rúnarsson of Glassriver, Iceland, discuss the importance of local talent, identity and landscape, as they bring a cinematic approach the crime genre with their new original contributions MYSTERY ROAD and BLACK SANDS.

With Greer Simpkin (Bunya Production) and Hordur Rúnarsson (Glassriver)
Moderated by Stephen Driscoll (EVP EMEA & Co-Productions, all3media international)
Hosted by all3media international

4.30 - 5.15 pm, ZOO 4
"Dignity" - How to Turn a Local Drama into a Global Event
The principle “local product but global exploitation” does not only apply to original programming by the global streamers, but also to independently financed international co-productions. The co-producers from Invercine & Wood (Chile) and Story House Pictures (Germany) as well as the distributor Red Arrow Studios International (UK) of the television series “Dignity” will shed some light on how to develop, finance, produce and exploit audio-visual content without being a mere service provider for a commissioning streamer.

With Tim Gerhartz (SVP Global Sales at Red Arrow Studios International), Andreas Gutzeit, (Head Writer and Executive Producer, Story House Productions), Katja Hofem (CCMO & Managing Director, Joyn), María Elena Wood (Creator and executive producer, Invercine & Wood)
Hosted by UNVERZAGT Rechtsanwälte
Moderated by Kai May (Entertainment Lawyer, UNVERZAGT Rechtsanwälte)

Hosted by

5.45 - 6.30 pm, ZOO 4
2020: Chilean Series on the Rise
Chilean series have been having their time in the spotlight: talent has been flowing between our film and TV industries like connected vessels, strengthening the cinematic quality and high volume of our productions. This crossover has cast a spotlight on Chilean TV content, and the BERLINALE SERIES MARKET is the perfect place to showcase these exciting new works. Let us introduce you to 5 of our top series and their producers in our exclusive showcase, 2020: Chilean series on the rise.

With María Elena Wood (Invercine&Wood, DIGNITY), Juan Ignacio Correa (Fabula, THE PACK), Nicolás Acuña (Promocine, BERKO, THE WEAPONS OF PINOCHET), Leonora González (Parox, INVISIBLE HEROES) and Hernán Caffiero (Tridi Films, A SUSPENDED MOURNING)
Moderated by Constanza Arena (Executive Director, Cinema Chile)

Time Location Type Event
10 am - 12.30 pm ZOO 2 Pitching Session Co-Pro Series Pitches & Networking
11.30 am - 12.15 pm ZOO 4 Panel Mainstream, Genre and Indigenous Perspectives: New Wave Australian Series
12.30 - 1.15 pm ZOO 4 Showcase Killing Stereotypes About Central & Eastern Europe
1.45 - 2.30 pm ZOO 4 Showcase Upcoming Series from Scandinavia
2 - 2.30 pm ZOO 3 Showcase UBER DRIVER: a JOYN Original
3 - 3.45 pm ZOO 4 Presentation + Panel The New Intimacy
4.15 - 5 pm ZOO 4 Showcase Society Bites Again - Norwegian Drama Showcase
5.30 - 6.15 pm ZOO 4 Showcase Danish Series Showcase

10 am - 12.30 pm, ZOO 2 / SUPER concept store
Co-Pro Series Pitches & Networking Get-Together
by invitation only
Ten selected international drama series projects will be pitched to potential co-production partners, funding representatives and broadcasters, followed by a networking get-together.

Organised by Berlinale Co-Production Market
Networking hosted by Norwegian Film Institute (NFI)

11.30 am - 12.15 pm, ZOO 4
Mainstream, Genre and Indigenous Perspectives: New Wave Australian Series
Drawing from the examples of series featured in this year’s line-up, the conversation will explore the recent emergence of Indigenous-led episodic productions from Australia with a particular focus on the interplay between genre, territory and indigeneity and the broad mainstream appeal of these series.

With Wayne Blair (Director, MYSTERY ROAD 2), Tony Briggs (Actor, CLEVERMAN; Creator & Producer, THE WARRIORS), Darren Dale (Co-Creator & Producer, TOTAL CONTROL)
Moderated by Jenny Cooney (Executive Vice President, Bunya Productions L.A.)

12.30 - 1.15 pm, ZOO 4
Killing Stereotypes about Central & Eastern Europe
Are you familiar with Central and Eastern European TV series production? Do you want to know it better? According to experts and analysts, the time when talented creators, new topics and original fresh storytelling from this part of Europe can start to conquer the world of TV entertainment has come. Host Kamila Zlatušková (Serial Killer TV Festival) will guide you through the best upcoming series, TV festivals and events that have one common goal: break down prejudice about Eastern European TV production and bring not just inspiration but also tips on new cooperation, talents and stories for the audience around the world.

Moderated by Kamila Zlatušková (Serial Killer TV Festival)
Hosted by Serial Killer

1.45 - 2.30 pm, ZOO 4
Upcoming Series from Scandinavia

Further details will be announced soon.

With Cia Edström (Head of Industry, Göteborg Film Festival), Johanna "Nunnu" Karppinen (CEO Capital Friday)
Presented by TV Drama Vision at Göteborg Film Festival

2 - 2.30 pm, ZOO 3
The show is a character-driven comedy drama drawn from true stories, based on the hugely popular blog and e-book "Diary of an Uber Driver" by Ben Phillips. Kostja Ullmann (A MOST WANTED MAN, TATORT) will play the lead role of Ben. Part traditional narrative and part anthology television, each episode of continues the journey of Uber driver Ben as he uses what he learns from his passengers to piece together his place in the world.

With Amir Hamz (Producer & Managing Director, Bon Voyage Films), Katja Hofem (CCMO & Managing Director, Joyn), Julian Pörksen (Director), Kostja Ullmann (Lead Actor)
Moderated by Patrick Esume
Hosted by JOYN

3 - 3.45 pm, ZOO 4
Presentation & Panel
The New Intimacy
The effects of #MeToo and Time’s Up movements have found their way onto sets, increasing the demand for intimacy coordinators who help to choreograph sex or nudity scenes focussing on the actors’ safety. Intimacy coordinator Ita O’Brien outlines her work-routine followed by a discussion about the challenges of serial production when time and space for rehearsal of intimate scenes is rare.

With Ita O’Brien (Intimacy Coordinator), Soleen Yusef (Director DEUTSCHLAND 89, SKYLINES), Sofia Helin (MYSTERY ROAD 2, ATLANTIC CROSSING, THE BRIDGE)

Supported and presented by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
Moderated by Anna Richardson

Supported and presented by

4.15 - 5 pm, ZOO 4
Society Bites Again - Norwegian Drama Showcase
Discover a bundle of brand new Norwegian drama series in which social awareness does not stand in the way for engaging a broad audience. In this session you will meet creators and actors from four new series: PLAN B, OCCUPIED 3, WITCH HUNT and 22. JULY.

Moderated by Erle Marie Sørheim (Journalist)
Hosted by Norwegian Film Institute

5.30 - 6.15 pm, ZOO 4
Danish Series Showcase

Further details will be announced soon.

Moderated by Wendy Mitchell
Hosted by Vision Denmark

Time Location Type Event
11.15 am - 12.45 pm ZOO 5 Presentation Hot Contenders 2020: Discover the Next Generation
10 - 10.45 am ZOO 4 Panel Producing with Netflix
10.45 - 11.10 am ZOO 4 Talk ITV Studios' Local Productions, Globally Inspired
11.15 - 12 noon ZOO 4 On-stage Interview Variety in Conversation with Tony Ayres, Cate Blanchett and Elise McCredie
12.15 - 12.45 pm ZOO 4 Presentation Keynote Conversation with Jeffrey Hirsch
(CEO Starz)
1.15 - 2 pm ZOO 4 Panel In the Trenches - TV Production Roundtables
2.15 - 3 pm ZOO 4 Panel Finding Tomorrow's Hot TV Formats Now

11.15 am - 12.45 pm, ZOO 5
Hot Contenders 2020: Discover the Next Generation
Stories that stick: Alumni from European serial studies programmes and labs present a selection of daring projects and prove their potential in an instant feedback session with top-notch industry players.

Projects presented by Paul Bullinger (CIRCUS CARL, Winterclass), Michael Grießler (AMAZEMENT PARK, ifs Köln), Agata Koschmieder (POLISH ALIENS REPUBLIC, Midpoint), Tobias Gerginov (WE SEE EVIL, Filmakademie Ludwigsburg), Stefan Gieren (RAJU, Berlinale Talents) and Ivan Knežević (THE PRETENDERS, Serial Eyes - dffb). With Nataly Kudiabor (UFA), Melissa Myers (WME Agency), Eva van Leeuwen (Netflix) and Antony Root (HBO Europe).

Moderated by Imran Khan (Big Window Productions)

Berlinale Series Market & Conference
in Partnership with Variety

10 - 10.45 am, ZOO 4
Producing with Netflix

A group of innovative TV creators share their stories about working on series for Netflix. Hear what storytelling is engaging with today’s audiences around the world and what producing with Netflix really means.

With Laura Buffoni (Writer/Producer, LUNA NERA, FERRANTE FEVER), Rachel Eggebeen (Director, International Originals, Netflix), Jantje Friese (Producer/Writer, DARK, WHO AM I, THE SILENCE), Meta Soerensen (Producer, RAGNAROEK, MELANCHOLIA, ANTICHRIST), Fatima Varhos (Producer, QUICKSAND, BONUS FAMILY) and Anna Winger (Writer/Producer, UNORTHODOX, DEUTSCHLAND 83, DEUTSCHLAND 86)
Moderated by Manori Ravindran (International Editor, Variety)

In partnership with

10.45 - 11.10 am, ZOO 4
ITV Studios' Local Productions, Globally Inspired
The Golden Age of European drama is upon us - hugely successful in the country they first air in as well as travelling more widely to a more welcoming global audience. ITV Studios and Apple Tree Productions will describe how they are aligning with the international marketplace on localised productions and distribution.

With Piv Bernth (CEO/Creative & Executive Producer, Apple Tree Productions), Julie Meldal-Johnsen (EVP Global Content, ITV Studios)
Moderated by Manori Ravindran (International Editor, Variety)

11.15 am - 12 noon, ZOO 4
On-stage Interview
Variety in Conversation with Tony Ayres, Cate Blanchett and Elise McCredie
Tony Ayres, Cate Blanchett and Elise McCredie discuss their dramatic approach of creating STATELESS in this exclusive on-stage interview.

1.15 - 2 pm, ZOO 4
In the Trenches - TV Production Roundtable
What are the best strategies to make successful global TV? What are the benefits in filming in different territories? What are the latest trends in localization in production? What co-production partnerships are being forged to finance today’s TV storytelling? Leading TV producers and executives converge to share their stories of creating successful TV.

With Antony Root (EVP Original Programming and Production, HBO Europe), Lars Blomgren (Head of Scripted, EMEA, Endemol Shine), Marcus Ammon (SVP, Original Production Sky Germany), Caroline Benjo (Co-Head, Haut et Court and Executive Producer, The New Pope)
Moderated by Elsa Keslassy (Features Editor, Variety)

2.15 - 3 pm, ZOO 4
Finding Tomorrow’s Hot TV Formats Now
Content producers have more options than ever before to have their projects reach audiences all over the world with the right viral format. What are content trends that have the best shot of traveling the globe? What types of content fiction and unscripted are especially breaking through.

With Crispin Clover (Director, International Production and Acquisitions, A+E Networks), Mahsa ‘Max’ Malks (Producer & Head of Scripted, Endemol Shine Finland), Nick Smith (EVP Formats, all3media International), Anne Roder Botbol (Sr. Sales Manager, Keshet International)
Moderated by John Hopewell (International Features Editor, Variety)

Director and screenwriter Tony Ayres will take part in Variety's on-stage interview, discussing Australian drama series "Stateless" with Cate Blanchett and Elise McCredie. Further details will follow soon.

Wayne Blair is a television and film director and actor. Wayne’s debut feature film, THE SAPPHIRES, had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2012. Wayne has since directed the feature films SEPTEMBERS OF SHIRAZ and TOP END WEDDING. Wayne was an actor in the first Mystery Road Tv Series winning an AACTA award for Best Supporting Actor in 2019.

Cate Blanchett is an internationally acclaimed and award-winning actress, producer, humanitarian, and dedicated member of the arts community. She holds Honorary Doctorates of Letters from the University of New South Wales, the University of Sydney and Macquarie University. In 2018, Blanchett served as Jury President of the 71st Cannes Film Festival in France. Her countless extraordinary film performances have garnered Blanchett three BAFTAs, two Academy Awards, three Golden Globe Awards, as well as numerous award nominations. Blanchett will soon be seen in the six-episode drama series, “Stateless,” which she co-created with Elise McCredie and Tony Ayres.

Producer Alex Boden enjoys being at the centre of the UK High-end TV and Film industries as the founder of the Pistachio Pictures group of production companies. Current projects include the Netflix Original television series CURSED from Tom Wheeler and Frank Miller set to release in 2020. He received a Producers Guild of America nomination for SENSE8 in 2019.

Tony Briggs (Actor, CLEVERMAN, Creator & Producer, THE WARRIORS) will be part of the Panel Mainstream, Genre and Indigenous Perspectives: New Wave Australian Series". Further details will follow soon.

Arnim Butzen, born in 1974, has been a Vice President Commercial Management TV & Entertainment at Telekom Deutschland GmbH since 2017. His current key responsibilities include all commercial functions incl. product definition, pricing, CRM & sales steering and market communication. Arnim Butzen has gained considerable experience in the telecommunications and TV business and held multiple management positions within Deutsche Telekom. He graduated in Economics from the Ruhr-University Bochum and obtained a master degree in Organizational Psychology.

A director of Blackfella Films since 2000, Darren Dale has produced award winning drama, documentary and factual programs, including - with Miranda Dear - Total Control (2019 AACTA Award Best Drama Series), Deep Water (2016), Redfern Now (TV Week Logie Award Most Outstanding Drama Series 2013 and 2014, 2014 AACTA Award Best Drama Series) and the telemovie Mabo (2012).

Australian journalist and producer Jenny Cooney has been based in Hollywood for over 30 years and was a founding board member of L.A.-based Australians in Film, as well as a consultant with: Screen Australia, the Gold Coast Film Festival and New York-based Australian International Screen Forum. She joined Bunya Productions in 2019 as Executive Vice President of their newly opened Los Angeles office.

Christoph Fey is an entertainment lawyer at VON HAVE FEY. Besides being a lawyer, he runs FRED FILMS, an independent agency packaging finance for big budget drama series. Christoph is a founding partner of the ENTERTAINMENT MASTER CLASS, launched in 2008 as the world’s first Format Academy, a non-for-profit, peer-to-peer executive education program, which he still heads as its managing director. He has written widely on copyright law and the business of entertainment, most recently the book “Trading TV Formats” for the European Broadcasting Union. Christoph lives in Berlin.

Tim Gerhartz is SVP Global Sales at Red Arrow Studios International, the distribution arm of Red Arrow Studios. Tim is responsible for leading the company’s international sales team and is based in Munich. Tim’s previous roles include Head of Sales & Business Development for Germany, Austria and Switzerland for international music licensing agency Audio Network; VP Sales & Acquisitions at Red Arrow Studios International; and positions at companies including distributor ZDF Enterprises.

Andreas Gutzeit is the Chief Creative Officer and co-owner of STORY HOUSE Media Group. As an international producer, showrunner, writer and director, he brings over 25 years of experience to the table. His credits include the Emmy® nominated documentary “Holy War Inc.” (NBC US) and the four-part miniseries “First Emperor of China” (History US). He is the head writer and executive producer of “Dignity”.

Sofia Helin got her international breakthrough with the role of Saga Norén, a homicide detective in the Swedish/Danish crime series "The Bridge". Now, Sofia is also a Producer. She was one of the Executive Producers for the series “Heder” (“Honour”) which aired in Sweden last year. This year, Sofia is starring in the World War II drama series “Atlantic Crossing” and in the second season of the Australian series “Mystery Road”, which will screened as part of the Berlinale Series.

Katja Hofem is CCMO and Managing Director of Joyn since April 2019. From 2004 to 2006 Katja Hofem was Head of Program Management of RTLZWEI. Subsequently she moved on to Discovery Networks Germany and led the company as General Manager (12/2007 – 11/2009). In January 2010 she began working for ProSiebenSat.1, where she held various management positions. In her last position there, she was responsible for Small Channels and New Channel development as COO and member of the management board.

Philipp Kreuzer: film and TV producer, attorney, film school graduate and board member of the German Producers’ association. Prior to maze pictures he worked in film finance, for Eurimages and Bavaria Film Group. Production credits include features, TV-Mini-Series, TV-Series (e.g. “The Crimson Rivers”, “Heirs of the Night”, “Guns Akimbo”, “Siberia”).

Kai May’s expertise stems from 15 years experience in the film industry as a managing director/CEO of film production companies before he became an entertainment lawyer in 2002. His area of practice therefore covers not only the legal but also the business aspects of film and tv productions. He advices national and international clients on the full life cycle of audio-visual content (film, TV, VOD) from rights acquisition, through the stages of development, financing, structuring and (co-) production, until exploitation and distribution, including the evaluation of film libraries and the improvement of revenue streams.

Elise McCredie is a multi-award winning director and screenwriter. She has been nominated for five Australian Writers’ Guild Awards (winning twice). She has written two seasons of the Emmy winning ABC series, Nowhere Boys. Elise is writer and co-creator of the AACTA winning best mini-series, Sunshine (2017), and Jack Irish (2018) both for Easy Tiger Productions. She has also written Secret City (Matchbox). Elise is the writer, co-creator and showrunner of Stateless (Matchbox), which she executive produced with Cate Blanchett and Tony Ayres.

Ita O’Brien is an Intimacy Coordinator and Movement Director. She is the author of the Intimacy on Set Guidelines and since 2014 has developed best practice when working with intimacy, scenes with sexual content and nudity. O’Brien pioneered the role of Intimacy Coordinator, which has been adopted in leading production houses worldwide. Her credits include Sex Education 1 & 2 (Netflix), Pennyworth (Epix), Gentleman Jack (BBC) and Watchmen (HBO).

Sergio Oslé is the President of Movistar+, the leading entertainment company in Spain and part of Telefonica Spain. Prior to his role in Movistar+ he was a partner at McKinsey & Co., leading the Telco and Media practice. He holds a Telecom Engineering Degree as well as a MBA from Stanford University.

With over 20 years’ experience at the heart of British Broadcasting, Anna Richardson is an established household name and award winning writer and presenter. She began her TV life as a journalist on the Big Breakfast, Channel 4’s most successful breakfast show. Spotted for her frank, down-to-earth style, she beat some of the best-known names in British television to front the cult series Love Bites for ITV, a no-holds barred sex and relationships show for teens. The series went on to win awards in the UK and America, and Anna herself was nominated for an RTS Award at the age of 26.

Hyppe Salmi is an executive producer of Drama department in Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle. At the moment she is working with drama series for social media platforms, especially Instagram. The new type of storytelling and the chance for engagement the social media offers fascinates Hyppe. “Karma” was the first drama series ever made for Instagram Stories. The real time drama was shot by phone and the young audience could participate to the story during the three days event. After that she has been creating series “Nofilter” that reveals the gap between the private and the public life of social media of young adults, several chat fiction series, a format for “Mobile Diaries” among others.

Jason Segel starred in the CBS hit comedy series How I Met Your Mother. During the show’s nine season run, it was nominated for an Emmy® for “Outstanding Comedy Series,” a People’s Choice Award for “Favorite TV Comedy” and a Teen Choice Award for “Choice TV Show: Comedy.” He also starred in Judd Apatow’s Emmy® nominated television series Freaks and Geeks for NBC as well as Apatow’s Undeclared for FOX. In addition to his work in television and film, Segel made his debut as a children’s book author with "Nightmares!".

Soumya Sriraman is President & CEO of BritBox, a joint venture between BBC Studios, the subsidiary arm of BBC, and ITV, the UK’s biggest commercial broadcaster. In this role, Sriraman is responsible for the overall strategy and operation. With her focus on bringing the best British content to the service through acquisitions, licensing, co-productions, and key partnerships.

As head of "yes Studios" Danna Stern oversees sales , distribution and development of premium Israeli content for international platforms. Stern is an international television veteran, having managed all aspects of content acquisitions, channel creation and branding in her previous role at “yesTV”. She was directly responsible for the multichannel provider's exclusive in-house channels and managed content and acquisitions strategies for the platform’s channel and SVOD offering.

With 25 years of management positions in the European media industry, Rémi Tereszkiewicz is an expert of OTT and TV series marketing. He developed many "New Television" services for telcos & OTT players, digital video strategies for Lagardère Studio and digital sales for Warner Brothers. As a CEO for Betaseries (1 million TV series fans), he now creates analytics to accompany producers and streamers on series usage, trends and demand.

Filippa Wallestam was appointed EVP and Chief Content Officer at NENT Group on 1 October 2019. Prior to that, Filippa was EVP and CEO of NENT Group Sweden. She previously worked at Boston Consulting Group and Daily Mail General Trust. Filippa holds an MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics.

María Elena Wood is a filmmaker and producer with over thirty years of experience in the creation and production of content for television. She directed the documentaries Locas Mujeres (Mad Women) and Michele Bachelet: La hija del general (The General’s Daughter) and was the executive producer of award-winning series, such as Nuestro Siglo, Ramona, Mary & Mike and Dignity.

Soleen Yusef was born in 1987, in Duhok/Iraqi Kurdistan. At the age of nine she and her family had to flee to Germany because of the political circumstances. After several trainings, internships, jobs and studies, Soleen eventually ended up doing films. Since then she has been working as a writer and director for films and TV Shows.