High Tea with Experts
Friday-Tuesday, February 16-20, 2-3 pm

In order to facilitate networking and to gain in-depth knowledge from leading experts of the documentary industry, DocSalon will offer 5 round-table sessions dedicated to the distribution, production and financing of documentaries. Each round-table session will provide 5 tables hosted by key industry players. Each participant will have the chance to join two tables per session (30min each).


In order to participate in this format, you need to pre-register via . Applicants with first experience in documentary filmmaking or distribution have priority.
Please indicate in which round-table session you would like to participate (one per applicant) and specify the field of expertise you are interested in. You will receive a confirmation by e-mail, if you have been selected. On-site, you can check on available seats at our DocSalon info counter 10min before the start of each session.


Stand 201, 2nd floor, Martin-Gropius-Bau

Friday, Feb 16

Antje Boehmert, DOCDAYS, DE (fully booked)
Paula Vaccaro, Pinball London, UK (fully booked)
David Herdies, Momento Film, SE (fully booked)
Sonia Otto, IndiFilm, DE (fully booked)

Saturday, Feb 17

Pauline Mazenod, Windrose, FR/DE (fully booked)
Stefan Kloos, Rise & Shine World Sales, DE (fully booked)
Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit, CA (fully booked)
Nevena Milašinović, Taskovski Films, UK (fully booked)
Cecilie Bolvinkel, Moving Docs, UK (fully booked)

Sunday, Feb 18

Ania Trzebiatowska, Autlook Filmsales, AT (fully booked)
Philippa Kowarsky, Cinephil, IL (fully booked)
Elina Kewitz, NEW DOCS, DE (fully booked)
Manuela Buono, Slingshot Films, Italy (fully booked)

Monday, Feb 19

Maëlle Guenegues, CatnDocs, FR (fully booked)
Anais Clanet, Widehouse, FR (fully booked)
Esther van Messel, First Hand Films, CH (fully booked)
David Cornwall, Scorpion TV, UK (fully booked)
Maja Lindquist, DocLounge, Sweden (fully booked)

Tuesday, Feb 20

Dorota Lech, Hot Docs, CA (fully booked)
Per Eirik Gilsvik, Sørfond, NO (fully booked)
Vincenzo Bugno, World Cinema Fund, DE (fully booked)
Ene Katrine Rasmussen & Katrine Danielle Bjaarnø, Creative Europe Media Desk, DK (fully booked)