High Tea with Experts
Friday - Tuesday, 8 - 12th February, 2 - 3 pm

Please note that the information currently given below refers to the DocSalon 2019 and is shown in order to offer a general insight. All relevant content will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

In order to facilitate networking and to gain in-depth knowledge from leading experts of the documentary industry, DocSalon will offer 5 round-table sessions dedicated to the distribution, production and financing of documentaries. Each round-table session will provide 5 tables hosted by key industry players.


In order to participate in this format, you need to pre-register via . Please include a short paragraph describing your project and any prior experience in documentary filmmaking or distribution.


Stand 201, 2nd floor, Gropius Bau

You can register for one session. Please indicate your first - and second choice.

High Tea with Experts
Stand #201, Gropius Bau, 2nd floor

Please note the list of participating experts will be updated regularly.

Friday, 8th Feb

Isabel Arrate Fernandez, IDFA Bertha Fund (Fund), NL (fully booked)
Vincenzo Bugno, World Cinema Fund (Fund), DE (fully booked)

Oli Harbottle, Dogwoof (Distrib.), UK (fully booked)
Calum Gray, Embankment Films (Distrib.), UK (fully booked)
Ben Bassauer, Monoduo Films (Distrib.), DE (fully booked)
Elina Kewitz, New Docs (Distrib.), DE (fully booked)

Saturday, 9th Feb

Ove Rishøj Jensen, Auto Images, DK (fully booked)
Sonia Otto, IndiFilm, DE (fully booked)
David Herdies, Momento Film, SE (fully booked)
Joslyn Barnes, Louverture Films, US (fully booked)
Paula Vaccaro, Pinball London, UK (fully booked)

Sunday, 10th Feb

Christa Auderlitzky, filmdelights, AT (fully booked)
Diana Karklin, Rise & Shine World Sales, DE (fully booked)
Manuela Buono, Slingshot Films, IT (fully booked)
Irena Taskovski, Taskovski Films, UK (fully booked)
Pauline Mazenod, Windrose, DE/FR (fully booked)

Monday, 11th Feb

Salma Abdalla, Autlook Filmsales, AT (fully booked)
Maelle Guenegues, Cat & Docs, FR (fully booked)
Philippa Kowarsky, Cinephil, IL (fully booked)
Diana Tabakov, Doc Alliance Films, CZ (fully booked)
Vesna Cudic, MetFilm Sales, UK (fully booked)

Tuesday, 12th Feb

Nicole Biermaier, First Hand Films (Distrib.), CH (fully booked)
Jan Rofekamp, Films Transit International (Distrib.), CA (fully booked)
Kazz Basma, Sideways Film (Distrib.), UK (fully booked)

Per Eirik Gilsvik, Sørfond (Fund), NO (fully booked)