Media & Society

New technologies have changed the power structure within the documentary environment. Filmmakers and representatives of the documentary industry are confronted with a societal and political shift that forces us all to reflect on the role of media in a global mediatized society.

EDN is taking stock of the challenges that the European independent documentary sector is facing, and calls upon the European professionals to take part in the Media & Society initiative. The results will be published in a White Book that will be presented to the European media policy-makers, advocating the establishment of an environment in which documentary can continue to play its role as the independent voice, in circumstances that are economically sustainable and culturally rewarding.

During the upcoming edition of the market, the following three events will take place:



Media & Society Events at DocSalon

The European documentary community is facing burdensome times. EDN’s Documentary in a Changing Media Landscape initiative intends to provide the policy-makers with a strategy document that will contribute to a culturally rich and economically sustainable professional environment. Find out all about it in this information- and discussion session. Your opinion matters.

Your chance to become an influencer. Be the first to be informed about the interim outcomes of the international survey that EDN and its partners are conducting and receive hard facts about the European documentary landscape. Experts take you through the first results, listen to your comments and invite you to take up an active role in the process towards the production of the strategy document.

Building on the first survey results and using the information gathered during the first two DocSalon meetings, focus group members meet in a closed session. Interested in joining a focus group and being involved in the process of fact finding, analysing and formulating conclusions and recommendations for the new media policy? Then this is your moment! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to help defining the future of European documentary.