AI: From Screen to Creation
Friday, February 16, 11.30 am-1 pm

The creative Industries are getting challenged with new technological developments daily. Algorithms are writing, filming, painting, composing. They are deciding which movie we should watch next, how the next big hit on TV will be put together and what kind of music we would like to hear. Big players like Netflix and Amazon are using AI to programme their portfolio and create perfectly tailored entertainment for us.


EFM Horizon
Berliner Freiheit, 10785 Berlin

This session will give an overview of the latest developments in the field of artificial intelligence and creation. Where can we really make use of AI? How can the film and TV industry really profit from these developments? And where do we need to invest in?

Listen to five spotlight presentations from different creative industries and take the chance to get into in-depth conversations with the presenting experts at dedicated networking tables.

Presented by

Introduction into AI
By Holger Volland, Frankfurt Book Fair

AI and Music: when algorithms are composing
By Dr. Matthias Röder, Managing Director of the Eliette and Herbert von Karajan Institute

Storytelling and artificial intelligence, a winning combination
By Nadira Azermai, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, ScriptBook

Machine Learning today
By Robert Richter, Google EMEA Partnerships Solutions, Broadcast, Media & Entertainment

Connecting with your Audience – Programme and Audience Development in times of AI
Dr. Marion Jenke, Media Research, UFA GmbH

Exponential technologies are innovating the Film and TV industries
By Harald Neidhardt, CEO & Curator, Futur/io Institute/ CEO, MLOVE

12.30–1 pm Networking Table discussions