How Colonial Funding Institutions Can Better Serve Indigenous Filmmakers

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Fri Feb 11 19:00 – 20:00
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Presented by Telefilm Canada, this panel of Indigenous producers and industry advocates will discuss the challenges and barriers that Indigenous filmmakers face when accessing film funding through colonial institutions, and how policies and requirements could change to better serve the needs of Indigenous filmmakers working in territories around the world.

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  • Diversity & Inclusion,
  • Sustainable Development,
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Hosted by


Christa Dickenson (she/her)

Executive Director & CEO

Telefilm Canada, Canada

Sardana Savvina

Producer / Head

Sakhafilm Company, Russia

Pipaluk Kreutzmann Jørgensen (she/her)

Director/Producer, Owner UnoFilm / Co-Owner

Polarama Greenland, Greenland

Emile Hertling Péronard (he/him)

Producer, Co-owner / Industry Director / Steering Group Member

Ánorâk Film and Polarama Greenland / Nuuk International Film Festival / ARTEF - Anti-Racism Taskforce for European Film, Denmark

Anne Lajla Utsi (she/her)

Managing Director

International Sámi Film Institute, Sápmi, Norway

Alethea Arnaquq-Baril (she/her)


Red Marrow Media, Canada


Adriana Chartrand (she/her)

Lead, Indigenous Initiatives & Content Analyst

Telefilm Canada, Canada