Time To Change: Improving Mental Health Strategies In The Industry

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Mon Feb 14 13:00 – 13:45
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Mental health is an issue that employers can no longer ignore. Encouragingly, the last few years have seen conversations increase surrounding the issue of mental health in the film and television industries. There is now awareness that there has been, and still is, a stigma against mental health. But what exactly are companies doing going forward to change the narrative and support employees in the workplace when it comes to issues concerning mental health? What action plans are being made to change perceptions of mental wellbeing? Deadline’s Diana Lodderhose sits with representatives of the industry to discuss what best practices they are implementing to support people and their wellbeing in the workplace.

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In collaboration with


Sarah Mosses (she/her)

Founder & CEO

Together Films, UK

Rebecca Day (she/her)

Psychotherapist & Producer

Film In Mind, UK


Diana Lodderhose

International Features Editor

Deadline, UK