EFM Opening: Embracing Change for the Industry of the Future

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Thu Feb 10 15:00 – 16:00
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As the EFM kicks off its industry sessions with the overall theme of “Shaping Change,” this inspiring and informative EFM Opening session will look at current shifts in the film and TV industries and future opportunities in storytelling and creating. The session will include a conversation with two established producers about new technologies, new models and new pipelines including a look at how series are evolving; and a big-picture examination of how to embrace transformation. These discussions will offer ideas and examples that can help the industry make long-lasting, strategic changes for the future.

The keynote speech on Transformation by Prof Mariana Mazzucato is presented in collaboration with Silbersalz Festival.

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Mo Abudu


EbonyLife Group, Nigeria/UK

Karin Chien (she/her)

Producer & Distributor

Louverture Films, dGenerate Films, USA/Europe

Dennis Ruh


European Film Market

Nusrat Durrani (he/him)

Media Strategist and Film Maker


Prof Mariana Mazzucato

Founding Director

Institute for Innovation & Public Purpose, University College London


AC Coppens (they/them)


The Catalysts, Germany

Wendy Mitchell

Film Festival Consultant & Journalist