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What kind of films, series and documentaries do Europeans watch, and what would they like to watch? Understanding audience behavior and preferences beyond national markets is crucial for making and marketing films, series and documentaries, which will sell across Europe. The session will give participants the opportunity to learn about audience tastes and preferences in Europe thereby helping them to reach wider audiences across Europe. The European Commission will make a presentation providing a first preview of some results of a multi-country consumer/audience research carried out over the past year for the preparation of the “Media Outlook”, a comprehensive media market report which the Commission plans to publish in spring 2023. A panel of industry professionals with substantial experience in producing and marketing films, series and documentaries across Europe will provide further insights into these results. Participants will have the chance to ask questions to the panel.

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Karin Annell (she/her)

Head of Commercial business and International Affairs


Rodolphe Buet


Newen Studios, France

Jaim Tarrazón (he/him)

Senior Vice President & Treasurer


Erika Jakab

Policy Officer

European Commision

Renate Nikolay

Deputy Director-General

European Commission

Lucia Recalde

Head of Audiovisual Industry & Media Support Programmes

European Commission


AC Coppens (they/them)


The Catalysts, Germany