How the Rise of Animation is Driving Change

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Animation is on the rise, and we are seeing animation go into spaces that it’s not been in before. With producers as well as distributors in mind, we want to explore opportunities and challenges to surf on this wave. How to stay creatively bold, would it be by doubling down on proven boy-office hits, or by taking commercial risks with fresh content? How can animation make even more artistic - and possibly technological strides? Which collaborations are necessary to bring stories immersing the audience in the experience, whether fully animated or simply making use of animation technology? And most of all, how to develop these new narratives the entertainment industry needs, becoming less Hollywood centric, less child-oriented and more international? What place has sustainability - economically, ecologically and socially - in all this? After all, there is no universe such as animation where the power of creation for a bigger cause is possible - and when people can see possible futures, they might just believe them.

This event takes place at the Documentation Centre in the Event Hall.


Sepideh Farsi (she/her)


Rêves d'eau Productions

József Fülöp (he/him)

Producer White Plastic Sky


Clark Spencer

President Disney Animation Studios

The Walt Disney Studios

Sebastien Onomo (he/him)

President and Producer

Special Touch Studios


AC Coppens (they/them)


The Catalysts, Germany