The X Factor: How to Create Buzz Around Your New Film

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In the world of endless streaming supply, the main challenge facing independent distributors and filmmakers is attracting attention and generating a sense of urgency among audiences to go out and watch your movie (and not till it "comes out Netflix"). There is a direct relationship between a film's "buzz" —the excitement it creates ahead in audiences ahead of its release —and it performance, both at the theatrical box office and in the long tail of ancillary revenue. Movies that don't get buzz early are unlikely to get discovered later down the line. But in our distracted attention economy, creating buzz around a new film has never been more difficult. We look at a case study of an upcoming release and speak to some of the world's leading indie producers, distributors and sales agents to explore strategies for how to break through the noise and create audience buzz before its too late.

This event takes place in the Event Hall of the Documentation Centre for Displacement, Expulsion, Reconciliation.

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Tom Grievson

Head of Marketing, Distribution

HanWay Films

Mimi Steinbauer


Radiant Films International

Matthew Miller (he/him)



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Scott Roxborough (he/him)

European Bureau Chief

The Hollywood Reporter, Germany