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In the ever-changing content landscape, how are producers crossing the different financing and production ecosystems to build more sustainable careers both financially and creatively? How are independent film producers successfully moving into other formats, from TV to podcasts to web series, while also not forsaking their passion for cinema? How are they helping auteur work also fit into the TV landscape? The experts tell us specific lessons learned, across the value chain of getting works developed, financed, produced and released. For film veterans who want to dip their toes into other formats, this session will offer plenty of practical advice as well as inspiration about the artistic possibilities available in different arenas. This talk is presented in collaboration with Screen International.

This event takes place at the Event Hall at Documentation Centre of Displacement, Expulsion, Reconciliation.

In collaboration with


Christine Vachon (she/her)


Killer Film

Maria Ekerhovd (she/her)



Roman Paul

Co-founder and producer

Razor Film


Wendy Mitchell (she/her)

Contributing Editor and Film Festival Consultant

Screen International