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Fri Feb 17 12:00 – 12:45 Conference Lounge at Gropius Pavilion
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NEOM is part of Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030 plan for the future of the Kingdom. An important element is the development of a vibrant media industries sector, which is recognised as a growth driver and powerful force for economies and societies globally. NEOM aims to become the regional epicentre of the media industries with a focus on screen production, gaming and digital publishing.

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The NEOM Media Hub will be the world’s first truly integrated media hub both physically and technologically - a legacy free operation, built from the ground up and bringing together all the core industry components.

NEOM’s value proposition is to deliver critical mass in state of the art facilities, ensuring industry skills are always of the highest standards with applied learning across technical, craft, vocational and creative disciplines while offering highly attractive production incentives and other financial support to attract the full industry ecosystem. All underpinned by a leading-edge, progressive, digital first policy and regulations framework to meet the needs of industry.

NEOM has been open for business for almost two years and has already supported nearly 30 productions including Hollywood and Saudi feature films. The interim Media Village and Bajdah Studios Hub opened in 2022 to answer current and growing demand from the region's production industry. Four purpose built sound stages are fully operational expanding to 10 including a volumetric stage by the middle of 2023. Both facilities feature supporting production infrastructure and back lots along with resort style accommodation and lifestyle offerings for up to 350 cast and crew rising to nearly 500 in 2023.

Hear Wayne Borg, NEOM’s Managing Director of Media Industries, Entertainment and Culture in conversation with Mike Rosser from Screen International. Learn about NEOM’s ambitions in the Media Industries and how TV and Film production is stimulating the development of their advanced media ecosystem.

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Wayne Borg

Managing Director of Media Industries, Entertainment and Culture


Michael Rosser

International News Editor

Screen International