EFM Industry Sessions

EFM Startups 2022

Building on our seven successful editions, EFM Startups will present innovative, international entrepreneurs working in the area of production, development and distribution in the film and audio-visual media industries at the online EFM 2022.
The companies selected to participate in EFM Startups were carefully curated to showcase new ideas in the intersection between media and technology - be it in development, production, distribution or marketing - which are essential to the industry’s survival and future growth in a rapidly changing landscape.

You can now apply to take part in the next edition of EFM Startups.

If you are selected to be one of the companies participating in EFM Startups 2022, you will be invited to pitch your Startup to an audience of producers, programmers, financiers, sales agents and distributors; virtually attend a series of matched 1:1 with producers and other industry professionals; and take part in selected EFM online market screenings and events. Ahead of the online market, we will prep you for EFM Startups with virtual personal and group meetings as well as a series of digital pitch training sessions prior to the market.

The deadline for applying to EFM Startups is January 7, 2022.

For more information on the programme and how to submit, please get in touch at .