EFM Industry Sessions 2022 - Shaping Change

With this year’s title ‘Shaping Change’, the Industry Sessions invite you to join a programme with transversal market-wide themes with a focus on the fields of Diversity & Inclusion, Sustainable Development’ and discussing the most pressing questions of the Future.

The Industry Sessions are thematically aimed at all representatives of the groups and sectors already established at the EFM: producers, distribution, documentary and series. The Sessions will dive deeper into relevant topics creating cutting-edge and interactive talk formats, workshops, matchmaking events and other networking opportunities all online within more than 70 events.

You have the possibility to filter specific topics and events in our programme schedule. Thus we want to offer you the best possible service to meet your individual needs.

Each of the following tags will be used in the event schedule to mark cross references.

Producers, Distribution, Series, Docs, Future, D&I and Sustainable Development.


EFM Industry Sessions

Core Themes 2022


Every year, new technologies emerge that force the industry to reinvent itself and that pace of disruption is only getting faster and faster.The future of cinema remains uncertain, filled with both challenges and opportunities for studios, theaters, media distributors, producers, industry workers and consumers.
Given that, ‘Future’ is addressing all segments of the industry.

The digital transition has affected the film industry, facing a distinguishable set of particular challenges. To what extent will the opportunities and threats associated with "going digital" actually bring about change?

It’s time to innovate, to reinvent what the film landscape looks like.
In synergy with all other parts of the programme we are comprising a number of enriching programme modules through an interdisciplinary approach, aiming to support the transformation of the film and media sectors such as new business perspectives and their correlation with new and emerging societal models and shifts.

Diversity & Inclusion

Firmly anchored within an industry perspective, the EFM’s Diversity & Inclusion initiative shines a light on the broad themes inclusion, equity, antidiscrimination and belonging, and focuses on all the interfaces between the film business and marginalized film creatives, their works and endeavours.

Through its programming of events across the EFM Industry Sessions, the Diversity & Inclusion initiative creates a forum for discussion and transformative change from a European and international perspective. Beyond its advocacy for greater inclusivity at the institutional, organizational and systemic decision-making levels of the global industry, this initiative also aims at facilitating access to knowledge, experts, networks and resources for individuals and pipelines of professionals from marginalized groups and the Global South.

Given the importance of connecting individuals with opportunities as a vector for encouraging lasting change, the initiative, in addition, provides advice, networking, matchmaking, orientation and support towards enhancing the EFM experience of individuals, organizations and delegations comprising and focusing on equity-seeking groups in the industry. In particular, the Doc & Fiction Toolbox Programmes, the Diversity & Inclusion Networking Reception and the EFM (Online) Market Badge Inclusion Initiative all aim at creating pathways into the global film industry for film professionals from marginalized groups by facilitating B2B connections amongst them, bridging knowledge gaps and building community in a culturally safe space.

Sustainable Development

On 25 September, 2015, world leaders met at the United Nations in New York, where they adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals and 169 targets set out an agenda for sustainable development for all nations that embraces economic growth, social inclusion, and environmental protection.
Now, the agenda moves from agreeing the goals to implementing and ultimately achieving them.
Find out more about Goals of the United Nations

In 2020 the European Film Market agreed to the Sustainability manifesto implementing a green, social end economic awareness within the industry market.
Please visit our Sustainability page.

The EFM has set focus as an film industry market on the following goals:

- Good Health and Well-being
- Quality Education (u.a. Doc/Fiction Toolbox Programmes)
- Gender Equality
- Decent Work and Economic Growth
- Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
- Reduced Inequality
- Responsible Consumption and Production
- Partnerships to achieve the Goal

You will find all these topics represented throughout the Industry Sessions online events at various workshop, networking and match & meet formats.

If you think we are covering more topics that aren't tagged, please feel free to let us know.