EFM Startups 2017

At the centre of Europe’s most exciting startup hub, Berlin, the European Film Market takes 10 leading tech entrepreneurs from throughout Europe and connects them with the film and media industries. EFM Startups, successfully launched in 2015 provides EFM industry professionals with the opportunity to tap into carefully curated startup companies, who have developed and implemented new strategies and tools for tackling the challenges facing the industry today.

The 10 curated startup entrepreneurs will be introduced in a formal group “pitch” presentation during the EFM and will also take part in one on one meetings with top level industry professionals. All EFM Startups will be based in a centrally located stand in the Martin-Gropius-Bau on February 13 and 14, 2017.

AIVA Aiva is the Artificial Intelligence which quickly composes emotional soundtracks for content creators. She has learned the art of music composition by reading through a large collection of partitions, written by the greatest composers to create a mathematical model representation of what music is. This model is used to write completely unique music.
CtrlMovie CtrlMovie, established in 2014 and based in Switzerland, owns a unique and patent-pending IP, which allows creation of seamless interactive movies of cinematic quality for mobile devices, interactive theatrical screenings and home entertainment. CtrlMovie creates interactive movies on its own and offers its technology and services to third party producers in the entertainment, advertising and education industries. In March 2016, CtrlMovie launched its first feature-length production called ”Late Shift“.
DIVE It gives immediate answers to all the questions and curiosities which come to mind while you are watching your favourite movie or TV show. DIVE makes the whole experience of watching movies and TV series ”contextually immersive“.
Illusion-Walk Illusion Walk developed a virtual reality platform named “Immersive Deck” where users can walk in large-scale virtual spaces, interact with reality, and also feel the experience with several senses. We combine the latest hardware technology and real-time graphic rendering with our positional tracking to establish such highly immersive experiences and also develop interfaces to integrate external studio content, photogrammetry, and techniques for efficient production in virtual worlds.
Mobisol Group Mobisol, a leading player in decentralized solar electrification, offers a clean and affordable alternative to fossil fuels for lower-income households and small businesses in rural Sub-Saharan Africa. Combining solar energy with mobile payment technology, Mobisol designs, procures, distributes and services large solar home systems. One of Mobisol’s aims for 2017 is to combine its high-quality entertainment products with valuable, target-group centered content.
Native Studios CREACE Our video app CREACE provides users with instant storytelling skills – on brand and at scale. Mobile video is all the rage these days, but leveraging user generated video is tricky: threshold for users is high, participation is low and the little resulting content is inconsistent. CREACE solves this problem by fusing guided user video with professional content, automatically and at scale: easy in-app guidance is lowering the threshold for users, while professional packaging allows consistent messaging, branding and quality-control for brands and media partners.
PICL PICL is an initiative by Herrie Film & TV to assist independent Dutch and European films and documentaries in cultivating larger audiences and in helping cinemas create new possibilities to present these films to their audiences. To do so, Stichting Nederlandse Filmpromotie (SNFP) was founded in 2016 with the objective to help cinemas find larger audiences for new quality films and documentaries by means of a video player offering films through their own websites as well as in their screening rooms.
SPHERIE by SpiceVR SPHERIE, produced by SpiceVR, is the first drone system specifically designed for capturing 360° VR film. It combines modern drone- and VR-technology to allow full spherical VR-capturing of moving situations and static environments. This free-floating camera system produces VR motion picture without capturing any equipment, camera team or the drone itself. SPHERIE is highly effective at filming in close quarters as well as long range filming (indoors as well as outdoors). SpiceVR is the production company that uses Spherie to create VR films of never-before-seen quality.
Viorama Viorama is pioneering new technologies for audiences to experience immersive, interactive content in Virtual and Augmented Reality. We launched Splash, the first mobile app ever to enable users to record and share 360 videos using their phone. Applying knowledge gained from Splash, which has the largest online community for user generated 360 videos, we‘re developing a new app that will put users virtually into the movies.
Virtelio by realab realab brings together talented creators and technophiles to develop new apps and software with 3 words in mind: simple, user-friendly and innovative. realab is working on a software to create VR movies with multiple storylines, adjusting the story to the viewers’ unconscious behavior: Virtelio. With Virtelio anyone can create interactive non-linear VR movies with multiple storylines in just a few simple clicks, no coding required.

If you are a professional in the industry, interested in meeting the Startup companies during the EFM, please write a short email to and mention your Name, Title, Company and area of interest.


EFM Startups 2017

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