EFM Producers Hub

The EFM Producers Hub at the White Room, Martin-Gropius-Bau serves as a meeting and working area for producers to come together with financiers and buyers who can join the Producers Hub activities at the White Room as well.

The Producers Hub also offers free consultancy from industry professionals on financing, partnership and distribution strategies and on how to make the most of their time at the EFM for those attending for the first time.

Additionally, the recently launched format "Presentations and Talks" lets producers share their experiences and insights in very short talks, also offering the opportunity to non-producers to give a short speech of interesting subjects for producers.

Consultancy Service at EFM Producers Hub

All Experts are fully booked and meetings can no longer be pre-scheduled for the EFM 2017.

Please find this years Experts and their topics below. For further information please download the PDF with the full biographies.

Presentations and Talks take place on a daily basis at the White Room, 9-14 FEB from 12:15 - 12:45.

Thu, Feb 09
Philipp Wenning
Sönke Kirchhof
In the past three years, the latest wave of Virtual Reality has brought a large drive into audio visual production industry. A vast amount of new software and devices have been developed since then. Is the progress of VR technology and the current storytelling approaches correlating? What are the challenges for Producers facing the progress of VR technology, and how to find proper ways to visualise stories?
Fri, Feb 10
Annika Lidne
Dramatify is an online, mobile production platform for film, TV and VR/360 – drama as well as documentary and entertainment. Dramatify is built to make pre-production and production faster, greener and more efficient.
Sat, Feb 11
Benjamin Hauck
Creative content should be valued and protected. Unauthorised copying and distribution of movies and TV shows disrupt legitimate income and endanger future production. How can copyright holders have effective anti-piracy measures in place and develop a strategy to ensure revenue? Paradoxically producers can use piracy data to analyse, better understand the consumer´s behaviors and generate even bigger key market for their productions
Sun, Feb 12
Irina Albita
Maria Tanjala
Big Couch
Big Couch is a tech-recruitment platform operating in the film and media industries. With diminishing resources, producers have to find solutions to raising capital. The co-founders believe in shared economy concepts and the power of freelancers. Therefore, they have invented „CREWFUNDING“, a financial model that empowers crews to invest in the projects they work on.
Mon, Feb 13
Andrea Giannone
Filmarket Hub
The FILMARKET HUB is an online platform that aims to connect the audiovisual industry with new and useful technology in creating a more efficient way to connect professionals and film companies in one place. The FILMARKET HUB provides visibility for new talents within the film industry.
Tue, Feb 14
Philipp Hoffmann
Rushlake Media
Direct on Demand helps production companies and producers to offer their films as VOD within their own shop and under their own brand.


EFM Producers Hub