Upcoming Series From Germany: PARA - WIR SIND KING

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Festival Screening Wed Mar 03 10:35 – 11:00

Leading actresses Jeanne Goursaud, Jobel Mokonzi, Soma Pysall and Roxana Samadi present their upcoming series PARA - WIR SIND KING (W&B Television, TNT Serie, WarnerMedia) together with director Özgür Yildirim and writer Hanno Hackfort. We see an exclusive sneak peek and scenes straight from the set.

Four young women and best friends: Jazz (Jeanne Goursaud), Fanta (Jobel Mokonzi), Hajra (Soma Pysall) and Rasaq (Roxana Samadi) grew up on the gritty streets of Berlin-Wedding. On the brink of adulthood they face an uncertain future. Just one thing is clear: They have big dreams. Hope rises, when a chance find offers them an opportunity for a quick buck. Torn between doing the right thing and the desire for more fun and a better future, their friendship is put to the test.

Copyright picture Annabelle Mandeng © Benjamin Zibner

Copyright picture Jeanne Goursaud © Lena Faye

Copyright speaker picture Özgür Yildirim: © Jens Mackeldey

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Goursaud, Jeanne

Hackfort, Hanno

Mokonzi, Jobel

Pysall, Soma

Samadi, Roxana

Yildirim, Özgür


Mandeng, Annabelle


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