#Actout and Beyond

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Festival Screening Thu Mar 04 14:00 – 15:30 Download

Panel discussion of the Queer Media Society on visibility of queer actors in the media and in the public.

Copyright Photos Speaker & Moderator:
Photo Johannes Kram: © Julian Wenzel
Photo Karimah El-Giamal: © Pawel Reinhardt
Photo Maren Kroymann: © Mathias Bothor
Photo Peter Schulze © Sabin Tambrea
Photo Mehmet Sözer: © Jeanne Degraa
Photo Nicola-Rabea Langrzik: © Urban Ruths

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El-Giamal, Karimah

Casting Director

Kroymann, Maren

Actress, Entertainer

Schulze, Peter

Publicist, PR-Agent

Sözer, Mehmet


Langrizik, Nicola-Rabea



Kram, Johannes

Writer & Blogger

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