TEDDY Talk: Queering Common Space

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Festival Screening Fri Mar 05 16:00 – 17:30

A Debate on Visibility, (Un-)Safe Urban Spaces and the Everyday Archive with POLIGONAL Office for Urban Communication and guests

In what ways are queerness and queer practices represented in urban everyday life? Is visibility the key to a more inclusive urban future? In the discourse on what kind of city we want to live in queer narratives tend to be underrepresented – with crucial voices remaining unheard. To discuss the power of archiving this talk brings together protagonists from the project QUEERING COMMON SPACE – a digital living archive collecting visual and acoustic representations and documentations of queer memories, encounters and stories from common (un-)safe spaces in the cities of Tbilisi and Berlin.

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Event Photo: © Tzeshi Lei
Photos Speaker & Moderator:
Photo Christian Haid & Lukas Staudinger: © Christian Haid & Lukas Staudinger
Photo Liz Rosenfeld: © Christa Holka
Photo David headshot: © Anna Kaishauri
Photo Nancy Naser Al Deen: © Nancy Naser Al Deen

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Rosenfeld, Liz

Artist, Filmmaker, Performer

Apakidze, David

Visual Artist, Curator, Art Historian, Researcher

Goderidze, Nini

Fashion Designer, Visual Artist

Naser Al Deen, Nancy

Urban Researcher, Architect

Lei, Tzeshi

Artist, Performer


Lukas Staudinger, Christian Haid