Too Cool for School: Spanish Labs & Project-Development Platforms

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Festival Screening Thu Mar 04 16:00 – 17:00 Vimeo

Meet the representatives of a wide and varied group of Spanish labs, platforms, markets and project-development programmes and discover a new approach to face quest for amazing projects by innovative, emerging, fresh and talented makers. Fiction, Documentary, Experimental… all sorts of genres and formats, even series. This is a once-in-a-market opportunity to enter a circuit that will bring buyers, distributors, festivals and potential co-producers the chance of finding a proper match. Featuring an extensive scope of events and organizations that include Ikusmira Berriak (San Sebastian International Film Festival), MAFF (Festival de Málaga), MGR//WORK (Márgenes Festival), La Incubadora (ECAM), Campus DocsBarcelona, Abycine Lanza and Conecta Fiction (by Inside Content). Among others, they hold the key to the new generation of Spanish film and audiovisual content. Let’s open that door!

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Aramburu, Annabelle


MAFIZ/MAFF - Festival de Málaga

Beloki , Maialen

Deputy Director

San Sebastian International Film Festival // Ikusmira Berriak

Vidal, Gemma

Programme Manager

The Screen - ECAM // La Incubadora

Zamora, José Manuel


Abycine Festival // Abycine Lanza

Subirà i Roca, Elena

Institutional Relations and Fundraising

DocsBarcelona // Campus DocsBarcelona

Gonard, Géraldine

CEO and Founder

Conecta Fiction by Inside Content

Scaramella , Annamaria

General Coordinator

MRG//WORK - Márgenes Festival


Pont Cháfer, Olimpia

Head of Industry

Festival de Sevilla & TorinoFilmLab

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