Berlinale WCF Day 2021 – Focus on Decolonising

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“Decolonising Cinema”

The present is a mirror of history. The consequences of colonialism are reflected in the daily life of many countries, and the topic is coming through in more and more of the projects submitted to the WCF. The WCF Day wants to shine a light on impressive and original Latin American and African projects and initiatives focussed on or inspired by colonialism and its lasting impact.

To what extent has colonial history shaped certain countries and their film cultures? To what extent are colonialism and post-colonialism reflected in previous films and in current film production? Are filmmakers from the funding regions aware of this dramatic historical legacy? Page 2 of 3

The experiences, heritage and results of the “Third Cinema” movement in the 1960s and 1970s and the “decolonising and decolonised” efforts of filmmakers from WCF regions and countries during the last decades are also reflected, particularly considering that funding institutions from Europe largely support their films.


Presentation / Moderation WC, live on stage

Vincenzo Bugno & Isona Admetlla

WCF and Pandemia, WCF & Partners, Activities 2020 and Success Stories / New Initiatives

14:10 Introduction to the topic of the day “DECOLONISING CINEMA”

Decolonising cinema, focus Egypt

With VIOLA SHAFIK film historian and filmmaker

14:20: Director’s Talk, focus on Arab World

with AYTAN AMIN Director of the #WCFfundedfilm SOUAD (Panorama 2021) (Egypt / Tunisia / Germany)

with flm excerpts

14:50 Conversation with DR.LUTZ NITSCHE (German Federal Cultural Foundation /Kulturstiftung des Bundes) about Decolonising Cinema

15:05 Films that do not yet exist / Decolonising Cinema / Focus Latin America

Understanding the Caribbean and Colombia, Pablo Escobar, the Namibian Hippo;

Slaves & Masters, Dependency and Structures, working on the Brazilian History;

Memory & Exile, preserving a physical and spiritual place

Decolonising Strategies, giving back cinema to indigenous filmmakers

With Nelson Carlos de Los Santos, Dominican Republic, director of the #WCFfundedfilm Pepe, the Imagination of the Third Cinema; Paz Encina, Paraguay, director of the #WCFfundedfilm The Memory of the Forest; Davi Pretto, Brazil, director of the #WCFfundedfilm Casa no Campo and Amalia Cordova, Chile/USA, Curator, Academic, Expert on Indigenous Cinema

15:50 Conversation with AVI MOGRABI, Director of the #WCFfundedfilm THE FIRST 54 YEARS (Forum 2021) (Israel, France) With film excerpts

16:10 Introduction to Panel 2: Decolonising Cinema (focus Africa)

With a message from Dr. Andreas Görgen (Federal Foreign Office), and with the live participation of Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese, Lesotho (scriptwriter, filmmaker and visual artist)

16:35 Films that do not yet exist / Decolonising Cinema / Focus Africa

Presenting Cinema Spaces Network

Cine Guimbi (Burkina Faso)



Cine na Biso (RDC)

SFMA Sudan Filmmakers Association (Sudan)

Moderation Dorothee Wenner (Berlinale)

17:20 Q&As

17:30 End of the Streaming

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Jeremiah Mosese , Lemohang

Director, Lesotho

Pretto, Davi

Director of the WCF project A House in The Country, Brazil

De Los Santos, Nelson Carlos

Director of the WCF project Pepe, The Imagination of the Third Cinema, Dominican Republic

Encina, Paz

Director of the WCF project The Memory of the Forest, Paraguay

Shafik , Viola

Film Scholar / Director and Curator, Egypt/ Germany

Nitsche, Dr. Lutz

German Federal Cultural Foundation, Germany

Cordova, Dr. Amalia

Curator, Academic, Expert on Indigenous Cinema, Chile / USA


Bugno, Vincenzo

Head of the WCF

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