Russian Animation Showcase

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Festival Screening Tue Mar 02 14:00 – 15:00 Vimeo Download

Animation is one of the most promising and fastest growing sectors within the Russian creative industry. It is famous for its original, fun, and entertaining stories, as well as its high level of production. You will see the unique style and cultural code of Russian animation, which, in combination with modern technologies and masterful artistry, is attracting buyers worldwide. Save the date for the RUSSIAN ANIMATION SHOWCASE at EFM Online 2021.

Presented by Evgenia Markova, Roskino CEO


Agama Film

Animation studio “100 KILOWATT”

Parovoz Animation Studio


Riki Group

Russian World Vision




Presented by Roskino

Sponsored by Cinema Fund

In collaboration with RFF

Presented by

Sponsored by

In collaboration with


Markova, Evgenia



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