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Festival Screening Tue Mar 02 14:00 – 15:00 Zoom

With art house cinemas and cinematheques shut down, it is a tough time for film art to flourish. However, small scale streaming platforms are thriving, and experimental and audacious films are far from ceasing to circulate. A talk about the risks and the beauties of film culture gone virtual with filmmaker Clarissa Thieme („What Remains I Šta ostaje I Was bleibt / Re-visited“ Berlinale Forum 2020, programmer Stefanie Schulte Strathaus (Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art), and programmer Stoffel Debuysere (Courtisane Festival). The talk will be moderated by Cristina Nord (Berlinale Forum).

Clarissa Thieme is an artist and filmmaker. Working across film, photography, performance, installation and text, she combines documentary and fictional forms focussing on processes of memory, politics of identity and strategies of translation. Her practice is research-based and often takes a collaborative approach. Her last three works have had their world premieres in a row at Berlinale: „What Remains I Šta ostaje I Was bleibt / Re-visited“, Forum 2020), „Can't You See Them? - Repeat“ Short Film Competition (Film) & Forum Expanded (Installation) 2019, and „Today is 11th June 1993“, Forum Expanded 2018.

Stefanie Schulte Strathaus is head of the Berlinale Forum Expanded programme. In 1991, she began working for the “Freunde der Deutschen Kinemathek” association and, in 1994, she became a programme director for their in-house Arsenal cinema. Ten years later, she, Milena Gregor and Birgit Kohler became heads of the association which was renamed “Arsenal – Institute for Film and Video Art” in 2008. In 2010, she launched the ongoing “Living Archive – Archive Work as a Contemporary Artistic and Curatorial Practice” project; she, Bettina Ellerkamp and Jörg Heitmann also founded the “Film Feld Forschung” (Film Field Research) project at the silent green Kulturquartier. Schulte Strathaus is on the boards of the Harun Farocki Institut and NAAS – Network of Arab Alternative Screens.

From 2001-2019 Stefanie Schulte Strathaus was a member of the selection committee for the Berlinale Forum. In 2005, she and Anselm Franke founded the Forum Expanded. In the summer of 2018, she and her colleagues on the Arsenal management board took over as interim heads of the Forum.

Stoffel Debuysere is a curator of cinema and audiovisual arts. He is the Head of Program of the Courtisane film festival ( and a lecturer in Film-critical Studies at the KASK School of Arts in Ghent, where he obtained a PhD in 2017 with the project “Figures of Dissent - Cinema of Politics, Politics of Cinema”. Based in Brussels, he continues to organize various film programs and discursive events in collaboration with numerous organizations and institutions in Belgium and abroad.

Cristina Nord has been section head of the Berlinale Forum since August 2019. Between 2002 and 2015, she was film editor for the culture section of the German “taz. die tageszeitung” newspaper. In parallel, she taught film criticism at the Freie Universität Berlin, was a member of the selection panel for the German-language documentary film festival “Duisburger Filmwoche”, contributed to the “Filmtip” programme for the German broadcaster WDR and wrote numerous essays, including for catalogues, as well as the book “True Blood” (Diaphanes, Berlin and Zürich 2015). In 2015, she began working at the Goethe Institut and took over as head of programming for the South West European region in Brussels.


Nord, Cristina


Schulte Strathaus, Stefanie

Debuysere, Stoffel

Thieme, Clarissa

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