Japanese Film Matchmaking 2021 “Retrospective Traveling Theaters”

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Festival Screening Mon Mar 01 12:00 – 12:45 Youtube


Online webinars featuring experienced practitioners invite industry professionals worldwide to look into a largely overlooked cinema and inform and inspire Japanese film companies seeking new markets for their classics catalogue.

Language: English (with English and Japanese subtitles)

Webinar-1 “Retrospective Traveling Theaters”

An experienced film curator and a professional archivist talk about how to effectively plan a tribute program and the challenges of programming Japanese films.


Matchmakers arrange online-meetings between Japanese film companies and programmers around the world to plant seeds for tribute programs and touring screenings of Japanese films. We aim to raise knowledge and interest in Japanese cinema and to facilitate widening its audiences. Programmers around the world can contact us using the contact form on the site if they are interested.

Please register in advance for this event at the following link.

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Vick, Tom

Smithsonian Institution

Tochigi, Akira

Japan Association of Moving Image Archivists


Kubota, Yuri