Digitising the Business: Marketing Hack #5

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Festival Screening Fri Mar 05 17:30 – 17:40

"On of the biggest challenges of any producer is to raise (and keep) awareness, get seen and commercially viable with a reasonable rate of return. And while technology changed film production, it also massively impacts film distribution and marketing. Still, a lot of European producers aren't at ease with digital marketing tools. With this series of marketing hacks for film producers, we want to ask professional experts about their very best practices, from new online tools through social media and community management up to virals, podcasts or personalized videos.


1. Strategize from scratch! How to develop a hybrid distribution strategy that encompasses traditional cinema/DVD/television releases with online distribution?

2. At the core: Audience Building Audience, audience, audience… but who are they?

3. Digital. Social. Quintessential. Tech Tools and platforms beyond Facebook, Insta, YouTube.. and beyond the hype.

4. What’s Tech got to do with it? Which new tech is thriving the tools helping the industry to market themselves

5. Market more than a film! Go beyond film projects and market your production company and further assets of your film.


Krieger, Ronny


Downes, Catherine


Coppens, AC

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