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Festival Screening Tue Mar 02 10:00 – 11:15

Gain an inside view on how archival material is used in documentary filmmaking and what the work of an archival researcher looks like. What should filmmakers know if they want to use third-party material in their work and what is the latest buzz in archival storytelling?

Three internationally acclaimed researchers -- Elizabeth Klinck from Canada, Monika Preischl from Germany and Morgane Barrier from France -- present clips from their recent work and share with the audience how rich and vast the scope of archival material can be.

Through historical film footage and photographs, news coverage, audio archive, and paper artefacts we will discover how filmmakers use third-party material to tell engaging stories. Giving insights into their daily work, the panelists illustrate where archival material can be found and how rights clearances and licensing of third-party material are handled in film productions.

Session Producer: Stephen Maier - Visual Researcher / Archive Producer (Germany)

As a visual researcher, Stephen is passionate about old films and all kind of archival material. Over the years he got specialised in the research and licensing of footage, pictures and other third-party material for documentaries and other media projects. For several years he worked as a producer and visual researcher for different production companies. He has been involved in various historical documentaries for the channels ZDF, ARD and ARTE.

Moderator & Panelist: Elizabeth Klinck - Archive producer, Music Clearance Specialist (Canada)

Elizabeth Klinck is an archive producer and music clearance specialist on international documentaries and fiction films that have garnered Emmy, BAFTA, CSA, Peabody, and Oscar awards. She also leads workshops and produces industry sessions at international markets and film festivals. Filmography:

Panelist: Monika Preischl - Visual Researcher / Archive Producer (Germany)

Monika Preischl has been working in the field of archive research and as an archive producer for 15 years and has contributed to more than 30 international documentary and fiction film productions. Until 2005, she studied Experimental Film Design as a master-class student with Heinz Emingholz at UdK Berlin. She is a freelance lecturer of research methods and seminars on working with archive footage at various art and film schools. Monika lives in Berlin and works as a freelance „bildfinderin“.

Panelist: Morgane Barrier - Archive Researcher, Archive Producer (France)

Morgane Barrier has a master degree on International and European Law and a postgraduation in Communication - Media management . She has 20 years of experience in films, video footage, UGCs, witnesses, pictures and documents since 1890 to present with focus on History, military, politics and investigation. Barrier is an international member of Piaf Images – FOCAL.


Maier, Stephen

Visual Researcher, Archive Producer (Germany)

Klinck, Elizabeth

Visual Researcher / Archive Producer

Preischl, Monika

Visual Researcher / Archive Producer

Barrier, Morgane

Archive Researcher, Archive Producer

Morgane Barrier Freelance (France)


Klinck, Elizabeth

Visual Researcher / Archive Producer

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