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Festival Screening Fri Mar 05 16:00 – 18:00

An epilogue to the EFM Industry Sessions, the Closing Session will serve as both a showcase of and a catalyst for the ideations, opinions and perspectives shared, discussed and generated throughout the 5 days of the EFM. It will mark the point of arrival of the narrative ark that began at the Opening Sessions and will feature not only the highlights of the previous days, but will also convey in various formats the take-aways on this year’s main themes. In particular, it will centre conversations regarding this year’s main themes – digitizing the business, inclusion and social sustainability – that will draw directly from the 3 think tanks hosted at this year’s market and include a sneak preview into upcoming report based on those critical and solution-driven discussions. With the aim of ending on a convivial note and biding you a warm farewell, this year’s EFM will draw to a close under the auspices of a Mix and Mingle event.

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Ruh, Dennis


European Film Market

Dawit, Tamara

Producer, Director

Sobczak, Marcin J.

Producer, Founder and Owner

This Way Publicity

Rissenbeek, Mariette

Executive Director

Berlin International Film Festival

Carey, Michelle

Festival Programmer



Mandeng, Annabelle


Mitchell, Wendy

Jounalist/ Festival Consultant


Rani, Hania



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