Round Table Session #3

Berlinale Industry Events

Festival Screening Wed Mar 03 10:00 – 11:00 Download

The Round Table Sessions for this year’s EFM are fully booked.

Round Table Session #3

Sales & Distribution

• Gabor Greiner, Films Boutique

• Théo Lionel, The Party Film Sales

• Liselot Verbrugge, Deckert Distribution

• Antigoni Papantoni, CIRCLE

Financing & Funding

• Linda Beath, Ideal Filmworks

• Miriam Henze, World Cinema Fund

• Jie-Ming Chung, TerraMedia


• Catherine Ann Berger, Swiss Films

• Bart Van Langendonck, Savage Film

• Jean-Jacques Peretti, Sunny Side of the Doc

• Elias Ribeiro, Urucu Media