A Think Tank towards Diversifying the Business

Berlinale Industry Events

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In recent decades, numerous initiatives, policies and task forces as well as diversity, equity and inclusion positions, funding streams for specific societal groups and capacity-building programmes have been created in order to ensure that organizations, companies, selection processes, decision-making procedures and decision-makers themselves strive towards a greater inclusion in the film sector.

Yet, despite all of these measures to ensure that the people who comprise the film industry itself are truly reflective of the world’s demographics, film industry professionals belonging to marginalized groups continue to grapple with structural, systemic and institutional barriers and exclusions as well as mechanisms of marginalization which hinder their progression, deeply affect their wellbeing and place limitations on their economic standing. Inequity, inequalities and differential treatment continue to characterize the experiences of film professionals who are non-white, dark-skinned, women, non-binary and gender non-conforming, TSLGTQIA+, people with disabilities or those who hail from disenfranchised socio-economic backgrounds.

Beyond creating pathways into the industry for such individuals, the fundamental issue of creating sustainable conditions for them to not only remain in the industry, but also truly thrive and gain a sense of genuine belonging will be the primary focus of the critical and solution-driven conversations held within this think tank.

Far from new, these reflexions arise in the worldwide context that saw a plethora of pledges, open letters, research and public debate on this subject matter in the wake of the global uprisings against racism amongst other movements in the past year(s).

The intersections of inclusion and sustainability are, of course, well-known and embedded transversally in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The conversations fostered in this space of ideation and action will pose the central questions of accountability, sustainability and proactive measures towards ensuring that the industry truly embodies these goals.

Featuring experts, stakeholders and film professionals, the results of this think tank will be summarised in a report available shortly after the EFM.

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