EFM Film Entry

To submit a film, you must be registered as an EFM participant with an Online Market Badge and logged into "My Account".

  • Fill in the online film entry form (including film details such as cast & crew, production companies, synopsis and technical data like screening format, sound, running time etc.). The screening format and running time are the most crucial technical data for us, so please be sure to let us know if either of these changes at any time.
  • You will receive a confirmation from us once we've received your film entry form. Our staff will also contact you for further details including a film still for the online screening schedule.
  • We will start the programming in February. A Screening Confirmation will be sent to you by mid-February.
  • After you have submitted a film to the EFM, you are allowed to upload one trailer per film, which will be displayed in the online screening schedule (if your film is officially screened at the Market).

Film Entry Account

Alternatively, if you will not attend the Market and only wish to submit films to the EFM without being registered, you can request a film entry account. Film entry accounts provide limited access to the "My Account" area, allowing you to access the online Film Entry and Screening Reports only. To request a film entry account, please log in to "My Account" or create a new account.


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