Screening Department

EFM Reel Time

EFM Reel Time is a new opportunity for exhibitors to showcase their new titles in an engaging setting to kick off the first industry meeting of the year.

Taking place one day prior to the official start of the European Film Market on February 14, 2024, at CinemaxX, this event offers a unique platform for exhibitors to present their promo reels, which will be grouped by genre or themes such as animation, arthouse or horror.

Each promo with a running time of up to three minutes will be repeated once in a group of ten, so that each promo will be shown twice within an hour. The EFM will list the order of the titles and publish them online within the EFM Screening Schedule and printed in front of the respective cinema.

The EFM will invite buyers to the first edition of Reel Time by e-mail and ask its exhibitors for the available territories of each respective title to give buyers a quick overview/outline. This informal setting encourages networking and discussions, allowing exhibitors to engage with potential buyers and discuss the unique aspects of their films.

14 FEB 2024 per title
CinemaxX €150

Submission Deadline: January 12, 2024

Prices are plus VAT of currently 19%. (no VAT for companies with European VAT ID number; non-European Union companies: please email a Tax Residence Certificate, or Certificate for Business Registration, or US IRS form 6166 e.g.)