Please click here for the Festival's Technical Guidelines 2022

1. Selection of Films

The EFM reserves the right to prioritise films that:

  • are submitted by EFM Exhibitors (stand and office holders)
  • have their market premiere at the EFM 2022
  • are selected by the Berlin International Film Festival

Films are excluded from participation in the EFM 2022 if they:

  • have already participated in the EFM or in the Berlin International Film Festival in previous years
  • infringe upon legal judgements or international conventions

Please note:
Films that have been screened at the 2021 Cannes Marché du Film or produced before January 2021 will be scheduled based on the availability of screening slots.
Films that were screened at both the 2021 Cannes Marché du Film and the 2021 American Film Market are ineligible for participating in the EFM 2022.

Legal Note:
EFM organisers refrain from any qualitative evaluation of the films screened but reserve the right to exclude works that promote violence, racism or sexism, as well as films that are pornographic, prone to disturb the public order, or may be offensive to religious beliefs.

2. Film Entry

Films can be entered from November 10, 2021 on the EFM website . To submit a film to the EFM it is required to purchase an Online Market Badge or create an account on the EFM website and request access to the online film entry form. The entries will be considered in order of arrival.

Deadline for submitting a film for a screening at the EFM 2022 is December 23, 2021. Entries arriving after the deadline will be scheduled based on the availability of slots.

Online screenings can be held additionally to the on-site market screenings or exclusively online. If an on-site and an online screening are requested for the same title, the online screening will be scheduled at least one day after the on-site screening. Only officially confirmed EFM content will be streamed provided that both, the entrant and the EFM organisation approve of the content. Approved online screenings will be embedded in the website of the respective film (included in the official EFM Screening Schedule).

3. Scheduling of Films

The EFM reserves the right to schedule films as it sees fit. However, we will make an effort to accommodate scheduling requests.

On-site screenings are available from Wednesday, February 09 - Wednesday, February 16, 2022. Due to limited capacity only one screening request for an on-site screening can be considered. The EFM will put requests for a second screening on a waiting list. The screenings will be programmed depending on the availability of slots.

Online screenings will take place from Thursday, February 10 – Thursday, February 17, 2022. Online promo reel screenings will be scheduled from Wednesday, February 9 onwards.

The EFM gives priority to full-length feature films and documentaries.

Programmes of short and medium-length films (under 45 minutes):

  • will be presented on the last two screening days of the EFM
  • will be grouped in sessions.

Promo Reels and Series are not considered as short films.

For all technical questions concerning promo screenings, please contact .

4. Screening of Films

All screenings will be published in the EFM Screening Schedule.

The EFM cannot be held responsible for delays or cancellations of screenings if the technical data provided by the participant is incomplete or inaccurate. This is true especially for faulty information on the running time.

Image and sound recordings of any kind at screenings of the European Film Market are not permitted. Any infringement can lead to civil and criminal legal action.

Image or sound recordings that contain any content of an EFM screening as well as the recording device containing them can be confiscated. The devices can be returned upon the condition that the owner agrees to delete the recordings beforehand.

In light of the necessity to protect from piracy, every participant ensures that he will not steal intellectual property, in accordance with copyright laws and with respect to the resultant rights.

If authorized persons record images and/or sound during an EFM screening, attendees comply with their possible inclusion in an image and/or sound recording and that these recordings may be broadcast or transmitted to third parties for the purpose of publication without any claim to remuneration. EFM provides an online screening service in a secure environment limited to EFM participants. The DRM (Digital Rights Management) which encrypts the provided content is adopted.

For any additional security measures concerning screenings, please contact us at .

On-Site Screenings

EFM on-site market screenings are only accessible with a Market Badge. A Festival Accreditation is not sufficient.

Online Screenings

The online screenings will be scheduled in global time, so the schedule is based on the local time of the viewer. To access online screenings an Online Market Badge is required. Regular Market Badges also have access to EFM online screenings. Each screening is available within 120 minutes after the scheduled time.

VoD Screenings

The EFM offers VoD screenings accessible from Feb 22 until March 8, 2022.

Special Screenings

In certain instances, the sales company may request to limit access to their screenings or not to be listed in the EFM Screening Schedule. Please contact if you want to restrict access to your screening or if you need further information.

5. Trailers

For each film booked at the market, authorised participants have the opportunity to upload one (1) trailer to the EFM website via their personal account for streaming on the EFM platforms. Only trailers of officially confirmed EFM films will be streamed provided that both, the entrant and the EFM organisation approve of the content.

Approved trailers will be embedded on the “Film Details” web page of the respective film (included in the official EFM Screening Schedule), and will be accessible to all EFM and Berlinale Co-Production Market Participants. The trailers will be available from the end of January.

6. Screening Fees

On-Site Screenings

Please click here for detailed pricing and the on-site options.

Online Screenings

Please click herefor detailed pricing and the online options.

Online Screenings

Please click here for detailed pricing and the online options.

7. Means and Conditions of Payment

Screenings must be paid in advance after the receipt of an invoice.

We accept payments by

  • bank/wire transfer (all bank charges at the expense of the payer)
  • credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)

In the case of non-payment by the invoice due date and despite a payment reminder, the EFM reserves the right:

  • to charge a penalty of 20% of the total amount due
  • to cancel the respective screening/s with immediate effect. In such case, the client remains in debt to pay the full invoice amount.

8. Cancellations

A screening that has already been registered may only be cancelled in writing to

If the cancellation is received:

- after Jan 24, 2022, a cancelation of 50% of the screening will be charged
- after Jan 31, 2022, the full screening fee will be charged.

9. Formats

We accept:

  • D-Cinema DCP
  • ProRes, ProRes 444, ProRes HQ (All ProRes files will be processed into encrypted DCPs.)

For detailed information please consult the Festival's Technical Guidelines.

10. Uploads, Dispatch and Return for On-Site Screenings

10.1 Deadline and Express Handling Fee

All films must reach us no later than January 26, 2022.

For films arriving later than January 26, 2022, an Express Handling Fee of € 250 per film will be charged additionally to the screening fee. The Express Handling Fee cannot be avoided by informing us that the material will be arriving after the deadline

The final deadline for films arriving after January 26, 2022 is five days prior to their first programmed screening, irrespective of the screening format.
If the final deadline has been exceeded, we reserve the right to cancel the screening. In case of such a cancellation, the full screening fee will be invoiced.

To avoid the Express Handling Fee for films screened at festivals held directly before the Berlinale (e.g. Sundance, Rotterdam, Gothenburg) we highly recommend to digitally transmit a copy of your film directly onto our central storage system.

10.2 Digital delivery

DCPs and ProRes 422 files may be delivered by digital file transfer via upload to the Berlinale. The service is free of charge but you will need to have a broadband internet connection (> 50Mbit upstream). For more detailed information please consult the Festival's Technical Guidelines or contact our Film Office ().

10.3 Shipment address for Physical Drives

Hard drives sent by courier should be addressed to:

Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin
European Film Market
Film Office
Voxstraße 3
10785 Berlin, Germany

Contact Person:
Roland Steiner
phone +49 30 259 20 858

The sender should inform the EFM by e-mail of the title of the film, the date and means of shipment, and the shipment number or airway bill number.

The costs of transport, including customs fees, insurance and the costs for return shipment, must be borne by the EFM client. Please take further note that any charges for transport or customs fees invoiced to the European Film Market will be passed on to the print owner or sender with an additional 25 Euro administrative charge.

10.4 Return of Screening Material

Hard drives will be returned or forwarded to the next destination as per written instructions by the owner, provided that the screening fee has been paid. All media that are not reclaimed within two months after the end of the EFM will be destroyed.

10.5 Liability

The EFM is only responsible for the cost of storage and insurance of media while these are on the premises of the EFM in Berlin. In case of damage to or loss of a medium the EFM’s obligation is limited to compensating the owner only for the cost of replacing the damaged or lost components thereof (e.g. in the case of a DCP: for the data medium/HDD). In any such case the EFM must receive notification and damage report within two weeks after the medium has been returned.

11. Uploads for Online Screenings

Films for EFM Online Screenings have to be delivered digitally by uploading the film file through the link on the “My Account” page after the submission. Should you wish to upload your film at a later date, you can do so at any time via the link on the “My Account / My Film Entry & Uploads” page. All deadlines and express handling fee regulations also apply to the video uploads for Online Screenings.

Once the upload is completed, your data will be processed and encrypted. The processing can take some time. In the next step you can check your processed file, change the thumbnail preview picture – or, if necessary, upload a new version of your film. In a last and important step, expressly approve the finished file.

Please note:

  • - Audio, video and subtitles must be contained in a single file and the file size should not exceed 10 GB.
    - Please submit HD material in the mp4 format (H.264, AAC, Stereo).
    - Please encode your video data with a constant bitrate and either 24, 25 or 30 progressive frames per second.
    - The file name must not include any special characters or blank spaces. Please do not, for example, use any file names like “myfilm! @&%$§ *().mp4”.
    - Please submit an English subtitled version (except if the film’s original version is English).

The following settings for file compression are suggested:

  • - Size / aspect ratio: 1920 x 1080 px / 16:9 HD
    - Video codec / bit rate:  H.264 high profile / 10.000
    - Audio codec / bit rate:  AAC / 320 Kbit/s, sampling rate 48 kHz

If your film is available in a different file format, a conversion to H.264 is recommended. Files can be converted by the open source (GPLv2) software "HandBrake" for example, which is available for all major operating systems.

By submitting the EFM film registration form, the participant agrees that, for organisational purposes, the Berlinale retains the uploaded trailers and the film files for the online screenings until the end of the EFMs current edition (effective date: March 31, 2022).