News for 2019

Delivery deadline for festival/exhibition copies: The delivery deadline for all cinema presentation material is the 25th January 2019. This deadline is mandatory for all participants. Meeting this deadline is especially relevant, since all film and video formats - for festival and EFM alike - must pass a comprehensive and time-consuming quality management process before their first showing.

Video Screenings: In 2019, we will no longer accept or support Blu-ray or DVD discs. Accepted video format are QuickTime ProRes422 files. All delivered video media will be processed into encrypted DCPs, which will be used for the Berlinale and EFM screenings only and will be deleted after the festival.

Digital Delivery through Aspera Upload: We continue to accept and prefer digital delivery of both DCPs and ProRes files via upload to our central servers through the Aspera file transfer service, which is free of charge. However, a broadband internet access with more than 50Mbit/s upload bandwidth is needed. If you would like to digitally transmit your exhibition copy, please contact for credentials for our Aspera server and for more detailed information.

DCP Best Practice: We have compiled a separate document with more detailed recommendations on DCP mastering, packaging and delivery, which may be especially useful for participants with little DCP experience. The document can be requested by e-mail .

D-Cinema KDMs: Since 2012, we request Distribution KDMs (DKDMs) for all encrypted DCPs. The keys are to be sent to our central server via SSL-encrypted web upload and are automatically verified upon entry. We cannot accept DKDMs sent by e-mail. All DKDMs must be valid from the moment the DCP arrives in Berlin until the 24th January 2019.