360° VR Screenings

The 360° VR Screenings will be presented at the new screening venue “VR Cinema at Marriott”, which provides the ideal infrastructure to present VR content, thanks to our partner INVR.


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Please note: Admission only for Market Badge holders.

Screening Schedule & VR Library

Location: VR Cinema at Marriott
Opening hours: The cinema is open daily from 10 am-7 pm.
Experience all VR projects in between screenings in the VR library.

Presented by: Videofabrika

Hermitage VR - 19'
Presented by Videofabrika, Super8
Hermitage Museum VR experience takes on a travel through two centuries of the museum's vibrant history with the acclaimed Russian actor Konstantin Khabensky

Presented by: INVR.SPACE

Various VR experiences


Presented by: Telefilm Canada, Phi Center

Blind Vaysha - 15'
National Film Board of Canada
Vaysha is not like other little girls. Her left eye sees only the past. Her right, only the future. Blind Vaysha, they called her.

Isle of Dogs: Behind the Scenes (in Virtual Reality) - 6'
Presented by FoxNext VR Studio, Felix & Paul Studios and the Isle of Dogs production team
This virtual reality experience places the viewer inside the miniature world of Wes Anderson's upcoming stop-motion animated film, face to face with the cast of dogs as they are interviewed on set, while the crew of the film works around you to create the animation you are seeing.

Space Explorers: A New Dawn - 19'
Presented by Felix & Paul Studios and Warrior Poets
Space Explorers: A New Dawn is a VR series about the new age of space exploration, and will shine a light on mankind’s most ambitious journey to understand our planet, our universe and our origins.

Tidal Traces - 4'
National Film Board of Canada
Tidal Traces is a 360-video VR dance piece that places viewers in the centre of the performance. In it, three characters explore a new and uncertain world—moving between tranquility and ominousness, beauty and peril. Entangled in this tension, the viewer becomes the fourth character, directly composing the dance through their gaze.

Through the Masks of Luzia - 15'
Felix & Paul Studios and Cirque du Soleil
Through the Masks of Luzia, based on the acclaimed Cirque du Soleil production, is a vibrant celebration of Mexican culture, shrouded in surrealism and dreamlike fantasy.

Presented by: Polyhedron VR Studio

Come Closer
A metaphysical science fiction tale in the vein of Black Mirror about buddhism and the power of artificial sigh.

The Light of Faith
A 360 sectarian documentary shot in Tibet following the majesty of the buddhist temples where the secret of existence dwells.

The 7th Night of Thelema: A Virtual Ritual
An esoteric dance based on Alejester Crowley's Hecate's ritual

Transcend is the mother of meditation immersive experienceis a spiritual trip from the empting of mind until the womb of the Universe and the origin of everybody's existence.

Eyes in the Red Wind - 11'
Presented by Korea Academy of Film Arts
A shaman on an Asian boat channels the soul of a drowned man to pacify the soul of the dead man, but lust and secrets are revealed that twist the solemn ceremony into a violent tragedy.

Isle of Dogs Behind the Scenes (in Virtual Reality) - 6'
Presented by FoxNext VR Studio, Felix & Paul Studios and the Isle of Dogs production team
This virtual reality experience places the viewer inside the miniature world of Wes Anderson's upcoming stop-motion animated film, face to face with the cast of dogs as they are interviewed on set, while the crew of the film works around you to create the animation you are seeing.

Micro Giants - 7'
Presented by Digital Domain Holdings Limited
Micro Giants tells the story of insects and plants in microecosystem with vivid detail and elaborate design. 360° VR animation brings the secret world in forests and under grass back to life.

Summation of Force - 14'
Presented by Jumpgate VR
In a moonlight backyard, two brothers battle in a mythic game of cricket. An immersive study of the motion, physics and psychology of elite sport, this virtual reality artwork is cosmic, surreal and darkly beautiful.

Presented by: Telefilm Canada, imagineNATIVE, Initiative For Indigenous Futures, TIFF

Blueberry Pie Under a Martian Sky - 5'
Bringing to life a prophetic Anishinabe legend about a young boy who travels through a wormhole back to his people’s place of origin, Blueberry Pie Under the Martian Sky also addresses concerns about the revitalization, growth and evolution of the Anishinabe language.

Every Branch Determined - 6'
Imagining northern New Mexico 150 years in the future, where American Indian and Xicano pueblos work collaboratively to exercise communal and regional self-determination, Each Branch Determined echoes sci-fi conventions of an apocalyptic future that gradually reveal themselves to be a series of managed processes intended to restore and manage the land and its resources, as well as community ceremonies seeking to culturally and socially actuate past, present and future.

Honour Song - 5'
Honour Dance is a virtual reality experience based on a 2008 five-channel video installation by Kent Monkman, Dance to the Berdashe. Set in a verdant meadow at magic hour, Honour Dance offers a contemporary re-interpretation of a traditional Indigenous ritual featuring the “Berdashe”, a gender-bending figure whose behaviour and very existence astonished and appalled European explorers of North America.

The Hunt - 6'
The Hunt imagines a postwar North America in 2167 that lies in ruin, where the law is enforced by a fleet of automated orbs that patrol the skies. When an orb interferes with a man and his son on a goose hunt on sovereign Mohawk territory, it forces an altercation.

Between Petrov and Vodkin - 5'
Presented by Cultural Revolution
The movie focuses on cultural highlights of the year 1912. A viewer finds himself in retro footage of the pre-revolutionary Russia and immerses into the most prominent picture of Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin "Bathing of a red horse"

Family Circle - 3'
Presented by Russian VR Seasons
The relationship of 4 different families during the period of some years.

In the Trenches of World War I - 3'
Presented by RT
1916. The Russian Empire struggles with the war. The economy is in ruins and countless soldiers die every day on the battlefields. People crave peace, and their dissatisfaction with the authorities is rising.

Lake Baikal: Winter Spirit - 8'
Presented by Mediacombo, VRability, Prosense
Cinematic virtual reality will introduce dramatic landscapes and the local customs and spiritual traditions of people who live around the oldest, deepest and most voluminous body of fresh water on Earth.

Reserved Pearls of Russia - 6'
Presented by Planetpics Film LLC
The film in 360-degree format transfers the viewer to the amazing places of our country. The unique format of the shooting evokes the sense of presence – as if you are watching the birds of the Volga River delta or breathe the northern air of the Kola Peninsula forests.

The Spacewalker VR - 5'
Presented byCGF LLC, Bazelevs
VR short film lets you experience the first human walking in space The film immerses audiences in the experience of Leonov and his fellow cosmonaut Pavel Belyaev during their flight on the Voshod-2 on March 18-19, 1965

The Story of One Jester - 6'
Presented by Russian VR Seasons
The movie concerns unknown details of the most famous royal jester's last day.

Uncapitals: Pomors in 360 - 6'
Presented by Russian VR Seasons
In September 2017 Northern artists and curators visited Arkhangelsk region to research Pomor history and culture. In one of the oldest and unique Pomor places untouched by time - Vorzogory, locals are trying to save the heritage.

Presented by: UniFrance

Alteration - Trailer, 1,30’
Presented by mk2
Alexandro volunteers for an experiment carried out to study dreams. He doesn t even imagine that he s going to be subjected to the intrusion of Elsa, a form of Artificial Intelligence.

Dolphin Man - Part 1, 4’
Presented by mk2
Dolphin Man VR is a sensory journey into the breathtakingly beautiful oceans of our planet, to explore what happens to the human body and mind in the deep dark blue of the ocean and to rediscover our relationship with the sea.

The Dream Collector - Trailer, 1,30’
Presented by mk2
Discover what happens to our abandoned dreams in The Dream Collector, a VR film that follows the story of an old man and his dog, who collects broken dreams and try to fix them.

French Kiss - Trailer, 1’
Presented by Wide
A door opens in front of you, revealing the cozy café of a Parisian theater. You find yourself sitting at a table, waiting for the show to start. All the scenes have one thing in common : they finish with a kiss.

I Saw the Future - 5’
Presented by mk2
A visual journey inside the visionary mind of Arthur C. Clarke. More than a representation of the future, it invites us to imagine it.

Leggenda - 6'
Presented by mk2
Jump into a marvelous and evocative universe of music and thrilling acrobatics through immersive virtual reality. Two circus artists and a piano-violin duo drive this elegant, emotion-filled performance.

Overview - Part 1, 5’
Presented by mk2
Overview is a 30 minutes narrative experience on the objects of the cosmos, from the planets in our Solar System to the galaxies beyond the Milky Way.

Proxima - 9’
Presented by Wide
A tenuous light vibrates like a star in the darkness. It comes to meet a man and leaves. He follows it. Whenever he is about to reach the light, it moves away. Will he be reaching infinity if he grabs it

Your spiritual temple sucks - 10’
Presented by Wide
Mr. Chang arrives to his Spiritual Temple, a place that represents one s destiny. To solve his marital and financial problems, he summons his guardian - The Thunder God. They attempt to tidy his life, with hilarious consequences.

Presented by: Arvizio (Pompei Art Grupp ltd)

Pompeii. Voices from the Past - 6'
History about three people from Italian city Pompeii where approximately 2000 years ago have been Vesuvius eruption.

Suzdal. Whitestone Chronicle - 6'
The short history about Russian well-known old city from world UNESCO Heritage list.