Fees & Deadlines for Accreditation

The accreditation fee to be paid is determined by the date of application and remains valid until February 2, 2023. The current daily price applies from February 3, 2023 to all accreditations that have not been paid for.

The "Buyers" status is not available for purchase; it is allocated by the EFM and extends the Market Badge/Online Market Badge.

Due to capacity restrictions, we strongly recommend that you submit your accreditation application(s) by the Regular rate deadline on January 10, 2023. After this date, the possibility to apply for and grant individual or multiple types of accreditation may be discontinued at any time.

Online Market Badge applications can be submitted until February 22, 2023.

  Early Bear
until 6 Dec, 2022
Regular Rate
until 10 Jan, 2023
Late Fee
as of 11 Jan,2023
Market Badge €295 €350 €400
Festival Accreditation & Market Badge €435 €490 €540
Online Market Badge €119 €159 €159
Festival Accreditation €140 €140 €190
All prices incl. 7% VAT / all deadlines refer to Central European Time (CET)

The following payment and cancellation conditions apply.