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EFM Market Screenings* in Berlin
( 9 – 16 Feb)
EFM Online Screenings*
(10 – 17 Feb)

Access to EFM
stands within Gropius Bau & Marriott Hotel (subject to capacity; buyers and exhibitors have priority)

10 Feb all day
11- 14 Feb
from 5 pm
15 - 17 Feb all day
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EFM Industry Sessions**

incl. Networking Area & Meeting Space for Producers

selected events

Berlinale Series Market

incl. Showcases & Talks

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Tickets for Public Talks of Berlinale Talents

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Selected Talks and Sessions of the Berlinale Co-Production Market

World Cinema Fund Day
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* At the discretion of the rights holder, access to market screenings (online & on-site) may be limited to selected groups of EFM participants. All market participants set their time zone online. The Online Screening schedule is based on the local time of the viewer. If no specific time zone is set, the default time zone is Central European Time (CET). A selection of films will be shown as VoD on the website after the EFM has ended. Titles and availabilities will be confirmed in due time.

**Selected Industry Sessions will be limited in capacity and / or by pre-registration or invitation