Advertising in EFM publications is flexible to fit your resources and needs. Please take a look at the different opportunities to advertise in one of our print publications, or on our website.

EFM Catalogue

All in one – companies, films and search tools

Distribution: All EFM participants
6,000 copies

From €1,800

EFM Daily Screening Schedule

The daily updated Screening Schedule including changes and additional screenings

Distribution: Selected EFM distribution points
3,000 copies

From €1,250

EFM Exhibitors Guide

All exhibitors in one map - the daily tool for all participants and visitors

Distribution: All bags and selected EFM distribution points
12,000 copies

From €2,800

EFM Website Banner

Skyscraper Single

displayed in two sizes on desktop and mobile version of the EFM website

File size: 320x1,200 px and 1,200x320 px
File Format: jpg, gif, png

From € 1,000 for a two week period