Please note that the information currently given below refers to the past EFM in March 2021.

EFM Info Counter

We are trying our utmost best to guide you through our new online edition on our website. Should you still encounter any problems or have questions, please find our FAQ section below.
You can choose by type of inquiry and find a solution yourself or you can get in touch with the team. For all participants with an Online Market Badge we are offering a live Q&A chat with the team three times per day. Please find all the necessary info below.


How do I access the EFM 2021?

To benefit from our online features like the Screening Schedule, EFM Participants Guide and the EFM Industry Sessions programme you must be registered with an Online Market Badge. Find all info on prices and benefits here.

Companies may also register as exhibitors. Please contact for pricing and options.

How do I keep up to date with EFM news?

You can subscribe to our Infoletter, where we announce relevant information and programme highlights to watch out for.

When will the programme for the coming EFM online edition be announced?

The Screening Schedule is already live and lists all titles of the 2021 edition. Films and screening dates are constantly being updated up until and during the market.
The newly launched Event Schedule is online as of now. All Berlinale Industry Events and associated events will be added and updated continuously.
If you want to keep updated on programme highlights and receive special announcements, please subscribe for our newsletter.

How do I communicate with fellow attendees at the EFM?

The EFM 2021 does not offer an inbuilt communication platform. We do, however provide an extensive overview on all attendees which can be filtered for numerous data. Our Participants Guide also provides the necessary details to get in touch with people directly via email or phone.

What are the online exhibiting options of the EFM 2021?

For this year's edition of the EFM, we are offering online presences for sales agencies, institutions and regional funds - for individuals and combined under an umbrella.

As an official online exhibitor, your company profits from exclusive benefits, the exhibitor status, the self-fillable Company Profile Page, the possibility of reduced screening fees and a selected number of Online Market Badges.

Additionally, we provide several online services to best present your company, such as your own Branded Virtual Cinemas, the embedding of your (corporate) event as well as online screenings and online promo reels. For more detailed information please check Stands & Offices.

How do I edit my Company Profile Page?

Log into your personal EFM account on our website

Click on the link to edit your company Profile Page in the user menu

Logo: upload your company logo (min. image size: W 162 x H 33px, max. image size: W 324 x H 66px, file format jpg, png or gif, max. file size: 150 KB)

Featured Images (header of the page): Upload your artwork to promote your important content and link each one to an URL of your choice (up to 3 images, jpg, max image size: W 1790 x H 600 px; max. file size: 1 MB)

Company Description: This information is automatically provided as per your submission to .New: You can edit your description on the page.

Social Media Icons: link to your own social media channels (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter).

Screenings: This information is automatically provided as per your screening bookings and links to your market screenings in the EFM Screening Schedule.

Each film can only be connected to one Company Profile Page.

Trailer: You will need to upload your trailer for your market screenings through your My Account in order for them to appear on your Company Profile Page.

1. Log in to your EFM Account

2. Go to “Film & Trailer Upload” (menu on the right side)

3. Click on “Submitted Film Entries”

4. Click on “Please upload a file (Trailer)” in order to start the upload

for any technical issues please contact:

Events: This information is automatically provided as per your event bookings and links to your events in the EFM Event Schedule.

Line-Up & Highlights: Upload your artwork and link each one to an URL of your choice (min. image size: W 135 x H 190px, max. image size: W 270 x H 380px, file format jpg, max. file size 250 KB). Please consider the correct order before uploading the files.

Contacts: This information is automatically provided as per your submission to . It is not necessary to be accredited in order to appear in this section.

Who can edit the Company Profile Page?

Everyone who is registered with your company can edit your Company Profile Page.

Do my colleagues need an Online Market Badge in order to be listed on our Company Profile Page?

They do not. You may list all your colleagues important for the market, with or without an Online Market Badge.

Can I embed the link of my Company Profile Page somewhere else?

Yes, you may embed the link to your Company Profile Page wherever you wish (your own homepage, artwork, etc.). Please note that only accredited professionals with an Online Market Badge are able to view your Company Profile Page.

Will sections appear in my Company Profile Page that I haven’t filled in?

The sections that do not apply for you, e.g. because you did not book Market Screenings, will not appear on your Company Profile Page.

Can I still edit my Company Profile Page during the EFM?

Yes, at any time. You may change or adapt content according to your wishes.

Where are the Online Market Screenings listed?

All Online Market Screenings are listed within our EFM Screening Schedule.

Who can attend the Online Market Screenings?

To watch the Online Market Screenings an Online Market Badge is required. Please note that the right holders are entitled to restrict access to their screenings.

Do I have to convert the times of the Online Market Screenings to my time zone?

All market participants determine their own time zone during the registration process. The film starting time will be based on the determined local time, ensuring that users in e.g. Australia, Central Europe or the West Coast of the USA can view specific screenings at the same local time. This screening format secures the momentum of a market presentation.
The Online Market Screenings will be programmed according to the established screening plan and can be accessed within a 120-minute time window after the designated start time.

How to access EFM screenings?

Please refer to the PDF below for a detailed description how to access EFM screenings.

Why isn't it possible for me to watch a certain screening?

At the discretion of the rights holder, access to online screenings may be limited to selected groups of EFM participants.This might be the reason that you are not able to enter a certain screening.

If I'm late, can I still enter the Online Screening room?

Each Online Market Screening is available within a time frame of 120 minutes after its beginning. Within this time, the film starts from the beginning regardless of the start time.

How does the EFM protect my footage?

The EFM provides a secure and reliable Online Screening service. All screeners are protected by a multi-DRM encryption and are additionally watermarked with the EFM logo burned into the picture. If you need further information, please contact

What is the Participants Guide?

The Participants Guide conveniently lists all industry attendees, discovers and filters relevant participants, buyers, exhibitors, producers etc.
By accessing the EFM Participants Guide, badge holders will have the opportunity to network with other market participants from around the world. Easily set up meetings with your peers or explore the participants’ slates as well as company portfolios online.

Can I change my name / job title / picture etc. published in the Participants Guide?

Please contact with the information you wish to change.
If you wish to change your picture, please make sure to send us a sharp portrait headshot with a good visual quality and a minimum of 400 pixels in height and 350 pixels in width.

How to set up my Producers Page?

The European Film Market 2021 extended the features for attending producers and you can now create your personal Producer’s Page, upload your projects, connect with peers and thus boost your business online. You will have five days to set up your profile before it goes public for others to see. You can edit and update your page at any time, including after the profile pages go live on March 22, 2021. Please refer to the PDF below, for detailed description how to set up your Producers Page in 3 easy steps.

I am looking to find more details of a certain EFM Industry Session, where do I go?

Please have a look at the Event Schedule in order to get more detailed information about a certain EFM Industry Session.

Can I visit or watch an EFM Industry Session without an Online Market Badge?

Only selected press has access to the EFM Industry Sessions without an Online Market Badge. You can still register for an Online Market Badge here.

Where do I get the link for a certain EFM Industry Session Event?

The zoom links or live streams and on demand videos for a certain event or session will be embedded within the Event Schedule. Please choose the event and click on it, you will be forwarded the the event detail page where you can find all necessary information as well as the event link or stream.

I have technical problems uploading my films or trailers, what can I do? 

Please make sure, that your browser and operating system are up to date and your internet connection is consistent. Your files need to meet the technical specifications found here.
If your problem persists, please contact the Film Office: +49 30 259 20 833 or 

I have technical problems with an online application/feature on the EFM website, what can I do?

For any kind of technical problems, please contact our  Web-Support: Tel. +49 30 25920-800 or

Berlinale Kindergarten on Air

Are you accredited for the EFM and have children in your care?

Sign up for the Berlinale Kindergarten on Air, an initiative proposed by the EFM in collaboration with Parenting at Film Festivals, CIMA and UniFrance. Our childcare agency Extra Arms proposes exciting online activities (involving storytelling, movement or art & craft) recommended for children between 4 and 8 years old and a maximum of six kids per session.

Additionally, a curated programme of films, as well as an exclusive chat with animation filmmaker Nicolas Deveaux, will be offered by Autour de Minuit and UniFrance, for children from the age of 3. A free access to multilingual books app Polylino will be provided too.

Please find the detailed programme, as well as the available spoken languages of the sessionshere (PDF, 2.8 MB)

Please pre-register via e-mail, indicating the child's age and preferred language(s), as well as confirmation of your market accreditation, to: .



tel. +49 30 259 20 800
availability: 8am-10pm (CET)


tel. +49 30 259 20 198
availabilty: as of March 22: Mon-Sa 9am-7pm (CET) and Sunday 10am-6pm (CET) / (March 1-3) 8am-10pm (CET) and (March 4-5) 9am-6pm (CET)

Participants Guide (Participants and Buyers):

tel. +49 30 259 20 198
availability: 8am-8pm (CET)

Participants Guide (stand holders/exhibitors & screenings):

tel. +49 30 259 20 469

Exhibtors / Company Profile Page:


EFM Industry Sessions:


Film Office (for technical issues):

tel. +49 30 259 20 833
availability as of Feb 24: 7am (CET) until the next morning 2am (CET)

EFM Market Screenings:

for questions regarding content/ screening schedule/ programming/ booking

for technical issues
tel. +49 30 259 20 833

for questions related to film stills
tel. +49 30 259 20 469

Berlinale Series Market & Conference:


Berlinale Co-Production Market:

tel. +49 30 259 20 517

Co-Pro Market Help Desk (March 1-4)

Mon:9am-11am (CET)
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Thu:9.30am-12am (CET)