We are going hybrid - Join us on-site and online!

The 2021 hybrid edition offers EFM participants the best of both worlds - the opportunity to meet and watch films on-site as well as extended online features, such as online screenings or our EFM Industry Sessions. By adapting the EFM in this way we are making sure to comply with the necessary safety adjustments that are indicated by the COVID-19 pandemic and still bringing you the best possible market experience.

Please find a short overview and some of our new online features below.
Be sure to check back every now and then as this site is constantly updated and all information will be published here once it becomes available.

Virtual Q&A Chat

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6-7pm Berlin time

additional timezones:
UTC-5 NYC 12noon-1pm
UTC+1 BERLIN 6-7pm
UTC+8 ASEAN 1-2am
3-4pm Berlin time

additional timezones:
UTC-5 NYC 9-10am
UTC+1 BERLIN 3-4pm
UTC+8 ASEAN 10-11pm
9-10am Berlin time

additional timezones:
UTC-5 NYC 3-4am
UTC+1 BERLIN 9-10am
UTC+8 ASEAN 4-5pm
Join Q&A Chat

after clicking the "Join Q&A Chat" link:

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Stands & Offices

The European Film Market 2021 will take place physically in Berlin. As space is limited due to the safety changes caused by COVID-19 please contact our in order to plan and book your stand now.

Market Screenings

The EFM offers top quality screening facilities for several high-end formats in comfortable state-of-the-art cinemas, located in close proximity to Festival and EFM venues at Potsdamer Platz. Please note: Market Screenings can only be accessed with an online ticket in 2021. Online tickets are free of charge but must be obtained beforehand, Buyers will have priority. In addition to regular market screenings in cinemas, the EFM will also offer online screenings in 2021. Please get in touch with the for further information and inquiries.

EFM Market Badges

All Market Badge holders have access to the stands and offices of the European Film Market. On-site market screenings can only be accessed with pre-booked tickets and a Market Badge or Buyers Badge. Benefits, fees and details of all EFM Badges 2021 will be published in November when the accreditation period starts.

Hygiene Concept

We are currently developing the concept for a festival and EFM that is as safe as possible. We will keep you updated on current information about the Berlinale COVID-19 measures on this page as well as in newsletters and on social media.

Diversity, Innovation & Sustainability

Despite the current circumstances and the resulting limitations, the issues of diversity, innovation and sustainability remain firmly anchored in the principles of the EFM and will continue to be spotlighted throughout the EFM's activities.


EFM Industry Sessions

All seven platforms join forces and offer online sessions containing various events: cutting-edge and interactive talk formats streamed live and available online, workshops, matchmaking and networking events. Not to be missed by anyone who wants to know what 2021 has in store.

Online Market Badge

The newly designed Online Market Badge will grant access to the EFM online programme as well as online screenings. All details on benefits and fees will be published from November onwards. The accreditation period starts in November.

Online Screenings

In addition to the screenings in the central cinemas around Potsdamer Platz, the EFM also offers online screenings. Screening facilities and prices will be announced from November.

Screening Schedule

The extended EFM Screening Schedule displays all on-site and online screenings and lets you filter for venues, times and many more. Find film details and export your favourites to your personal calendar.

Particpants Guide

The Participants Guide conveniently lists all industry attendees, discovers and filters relevant participants, buyers, exhibitors, producers etc.
Easily set up meetings with your peers or explore the participants’ slates as well as company portfolios online.

Event Schedule

Discover the EFM programme in our improved EFM Event Schedule and join physical and virtual events or stream the recordings of selected events on demand.