Important - please note:
In order to qualify for the new Producers & Project Pages, it is mandatory to choose 'Producer' as your field of work during registration.

The new offer will be available by the end of January.

Services for Producers at the European Film Market

Realising a film project is not an easy task. The main challenge is to find the right partners to assure a successful production. A market infrastructure that helps them on that journey is crucial to producers and their success at the European Film Market.

The EFM is very well aware of this challenge, which is why we developed an extensive and modern market infrastructure that caters to the needs of aspiring and veteran filmmakers.

Our vision is to bring together the best of both the digital and the physical world – we tether and connect producers, creatives, distributors and financiers, and have them meet in-person at the European Film Market 2023 in Berlin.

Launching in time with this year’s EFM, we are introducing a new tool in our online universe: Producers & Project Pages. Easily accessible and set up in a few clicks, producers can now build their own exposé within the EFM environment, elevate their projects in any stage and promote their services and projects even further through a customised profile page. We strive to make connecting with the right people more convenient and bring matchmaking for producers & projects to the next level.

Additional infrastructural improvements for producers include: seven days exclusive access to work and meeting spaces at the EFM, the opportunity to present pre-sale and work in progress projects, as well as a consulting service by ACE Producers and many more features.

Producers Page Preview

Project Page Preview