All participants with an EFM Registration and/or Festival Accreditation have access to the stands and offices of the European Film Market in the Martin-Gropius-Bau, Marriott Hotel and Gropius Park. However, EFM screenings can only be accessed with a Market Badge or Buyers Badge.

  Festival Accreditation Market / Buyers Badge* Festival Accreditation + Market / Buyers Badge*
Tickets for festival screenings X   X
Access to selected festival & press screenings (without ticket)** X X X
Publication in the “Who’s Where” X X X
EFM Locations (Martin-Gropius-Bau, Marriott Hotel, Gropius Park) X X X
EFM Screenings   X X
LOLA at Berlinale X X X
Drama Series Days Panels *** (Market Badge priority) X X X
DocSalon (Market Badge priority) X X X
EFM Horizon ****** (Market Badge priority) X X X
Berlinale Africa Hub (Market Badge priority) X X X
EFM Producers Hub ****   X X
Login for Industry Area on EFM website   X X
Release in the online publications of the EFM *****   X X
WiFi at EFM Locations   X X
Login for Cinando
(valid until mid-April, 2018)
  X X
Berlinale Talents      
Public Talks X X X
Project Labs Presentations X X X
VFF Talent Highlight Award X X X
Co-Production Market      
Selected Panels ***   X X
World Cinema Fund      
World Cinema Fund Day X X X

* In addition to the admission opportunities offered by a Market Badge, the Buyers Badge also permits access to the Buyers Lounge and further opportunities for admission into selected festival screenings. The European Film Market issues a Buyers Badge only if you:

- order a Market Badge and
- select "Acquisitions (…)” as your "Working Sector" on the application form and
- have been verified as a Buyer
The Buyers List of the European Film Market will be available here at the beginning of January and will be updated regularly.
** The selection of screenings may vary between Festival Accreditation, Market Badge and Buyers Badge
*** Access to CoPro Series Pitching by invitation only
**** Producers preferred. Please select “Producer (…)” as your “Primary Working Sector” on the application form
***** Listings are only possible in connection with a company/organisation
****** EFM Horizon: Pre-register online/based upon availability on-site. Selected events will be by invitation only.