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European Film Market
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The Market Badge grants access to EFM locations throughout the entire duration of the European Film Market (11-18 February).
The "EFM Industry Sessions" are only accessible for Market Badge, Buyers Badge and Online Market Badge holders.

  Market/Buyers* Badge Festival Accreditation + Market/Buyers* Badge Online Market Badge Festival Accreditation
EFM Market Screenings**
Access to EFM Locations - Gropius Bau (Buyers* and Exhibitors have priority)

Access to EFM Locations - Gropius Park & Marriott
Extended EFM Online features
  • • EFM Industry Sessions
    • Online screenings
    • Participants Guide***
    • Event Schedule

Tickets for Festival Screenings
Tickets for Public Talks & Alumni & Films of Berlinale Talents

Tickets for selected Press Screenings
Publication in the Berlinale Attendee List

Buyers will be published in the Participants Guide of the European Film Market from January and will be updated regularly.

* The Buyers Badge grants priority entry to Market Screenings, Online Market Screenings and EFM locations. The Online Buyers Badge grants priority access to Online Market Screenings.
The (Online) Buyers Badge is not for sale but will be granted in limited number by the EFM.

You are considered for a (Online) Buyers Badge if you:
- order a Market Badge or an Online Market Badge and
- select "Acquisitions (…)" as your "Field of Activity" on the application form

** Tickets for Market Screenings are mandatory in 2021 and must be obtained beforehand.
*** Release in the EFM Participants Guide only in connection with a company/organisation

You will have access to these Online Services as soon as your application has been approved:    
At "My Attendee List entry" you can edit your details for the Attendee list (from early November)
Enquire about discounted hotel rooms through Berlinale Partner Hotels (as of early November)

You will have access to these Online Services once your accreditation is paid:    
View the festival’s Attendee List (as of mid-February)
EFM Film Entry (from early November)
EFM Participants Guide with detailed company and contact information
• Exhibitors & Participants (as of December)
• Buyers (as of of January)

EFM Screening Schedule (from late January)
EFM Event Schedule (from late January)

FA = Festival Accreditation
MB = Market Badge / Buyers Badge / Online Market Badge

To use the mentioned Online Services you have to be logged in to your “My Account”. "My Account" can be accessed via the Berlinale or EFM website.

Due to the current situation caused by COVID-19, the Berlinale Kindergarten will be paused in 2021.