All participants with an EFM Registration and/or Festival Accreditation have access to the stands and offices of the European Film Market in the Gropius Bau, Marriott Hotel and Gropius Park. However, EFM screenings can only be accessed with a Market Badge or Buyers Badge.

  Festival Accreditation Market / Buyers Badge* Festival Accreditation + Market / Buyers Badge*
Tickets for festival screenings X   X
Access to selected festival & press screenings (without ticket)** X X X
Publication in the “Who’s Where” X X X
EFM Locations (Gropius Bau, Marriott Hotel, Gropius Park) X X X
EFM Screenings   X X
LOLA at Berlinale X X X
Drama Series Days Panels *** (Market Badge priority) X X X
DocSalon (Market Badge priority) X X X
EFM Horizon ****** (Market Badge priority) X X X
Berlinale Africa Hub (Market Badge priority) X X X
EFM Producers Hub ****   X X
Login for Industry Area on EFM website   X X
Release in the online publications of the EFM *****   X X
WiFi at EFM Locations   X X
Login for Cinando
(valid until mid-April, 2018)
  X X
Berlinale Talents      
Public Talks X X X
Project Labs Presentations X X X
VFF Talent Highlight Award X X X
Co-Production Market      
Selected Panels ***   X X
World Cinema Fund      
World Cinema Fund Day X X X

* In addition to the admission opportunities offered by a Market Badge, the Buyers Badge also permits access to the Buyers Lounge and further opportunities for admission into selected festival screenings. The European Film Market issues a Buyers Badge only if you:

- order a Market Badge and
- select "Acquisitions (…)” as your "Working Sector" on the application form and
- have been verified as a Buyer
The Buyers List of the European Film Market will be available here at the beginning of January and will be updated regularly.
** The selection of screenings may vary between Festival Accreditation, Market Badge and Buyers Badge
*** Access to CoPro Series Pitching by invitation only
**** Producers preferred. Please select “Producer (…)” as your “Primary Working Sector” on the application form
***** Listings are only possible in connection with a company/organisation
****** EFM Horizon: Pre-register online/based upon availability on-site. Selected events will be by invitation only.