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The deadline for accreditation for the European Film Market has passed. Requests can no longer be accepted. However, you can still get access to the EFM without prior online registration at the EFM On-site Registration Counter in the Berlinale Service Center.

During the particularly busy market days (Feb 21-24, Fri-Mon) access with a Festival Accreditation is only possible from 5pm.

A precondition for EFM registration / festival accreditation is proof of current professional activity as a filmmaker or representative of the film industry, cultural institution or another film festival. When applying, you can provide evidence of your professional affiliation by pointing us to an up-to-date website or by uploading relevant documents.
Confirmed EFM Exhibitors do not have to submit supporting documents.
After your application has been accepted and you have paid for your badges, you will be granted access to our Online Services in your personal account. Which services you can access depends on the type of badge you have.

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