Please note: Online Market Screening prices include VoD option (Feb 23 - Mar 31, 2024).
Companies ordering one or two Online Market Screenings in addition to an on-site screening (of the same film) will receive a discount of €100 on the on-site screening if the screening is longer than 60 minutes and €50 if the screening is shorter than 60 minutes.

Screenings for EFM Exhibitors

FEB 2024
WED 14 - WED 21

One Screening

Two Screenings
Film / Promo Reel €160 €200

Screenings for all other Companies

FEB 2024
WED 14 - WED 21

One Screening

Two Screenings
Film / Promo Reel €480 €600

Berlinale Series Market Screenings

Please note: Berlinale Series Market Select Screening benefit from the EFM Exhibitor rate.

FEB 2024
MON 19- WED 21
EFM Exhibitors Other Companies
One Screening €160 €480
Two Screenings €200 €600

Upload Online Market Screenings

Uploads for Online Screenings
Films for EFM Online Screenings have to be delivered digitally by uploading the film file through the link on the “My Account” page after the submission.

File Upload
Once the upload is completed, your data will be processed and encrypted. The processing can take some time. In the next step you can check your processed file, change the thumbnail preview picture – or, if necessary, upload a new version of your film. In a last and important step, expressly approve the finished file.
Please note:
• Audio, video and subtitles must be contained in a single file and the file size should not exceed 10 GB.
• Please submit HD material in the mp4 format (H.264, AAC, Stereo).
• Please encode your video data with a constant bitrate and either 24, 25 or 30 progressive frames per second.
• The file name must not include any special characters or blank spaces. Please do not, for example, use any file names like “myfilm! @&%$§ *().mp4”.
• Please submit an English subtitled version (except if the film’s original version is English).

If your film is available in a different file format, a conversion to H.264 is recommended. Files can be converted by the open source (GPLv2) software "HandBrake" for example, which is available for all major operating systems.

By submitting the EFM film registration form, the participant agrees that, for organisational purposes, the Berlinale retains the uploaded trailers and the film files for the online screenings until the end of the EFMs current edition (effective date: April 1, 2024).

To ensure a high technical quality, the following settings for file compression are suggested:

Size / Aspect Ratio Video Codec / Bitrate Audio Codec / Bitrate
1920 x 1080 px / 16:9 HD H.264 high profile
10.000 Kbit/s
AAC / 320 Kbit/s
sampling rate 48 kHz

If your film is available in a different file format or on DVD, a conversion to H.264 is recommended. File conversion is offered by the software "HandBrake" for example, which is free and available for all popular computer operating systems.

Please check the EFM Screenings Guidelines for more information.