Request a Market Screening

In order to get access to the EFM Entry Form please contact A maximum of two Market Screenings per title is allowed, yet we might not be able to grant the amount of two screenings for all films, depending on demand. Submissions for Market Screenings will be open at the beginning of November 2023 and will be processed in the order of their arrival. Priority is given to
- market premieres
- all films and series officially selected to the Berlin International Film Festival 2024
- submissions by EFM Exhibitors.

Projects produced before July 2022 or already screened at the EFM or Berlinale in previous years are excluded from participation. Furthermore, the EFM reserves the right to reject screening requests for titles that promote violence, racism or sexism as well as titles that are pornographic, prone to disturb the public order or may be offensive to religious beliefs. Please also read our Code of Conduct.
Titles which were screened at the Marché du Film and the AFM are ineligible for participating at EFM 2024.

Online Market Screenings and EFM VoD

Companies ordering one or two Online Market Screenings in addition to an on-site screening (of the same film) will receive a discount of 100€ on the on-site screening if the screening is longer than 60 minutes and 50€ if the screening is shorter than 60 minutes (the invoiced amount of the on-site screening is relevant/decisive for the reduction of the on-site screening). The price list of Online Market Screenings can be found within the full screening fee list. It is also possible to order online screenings only, without screening a film on-site. Each Online Market Screening includes the EFM VoD option, if requested within the entry form. The Online Market Screenings are scheduled in global time and are accessible within 120 minutes after their start. EFM VoD's are available from Feb 23 - Mar 31, 2024 and are always associated with at least one Online Market Screening. Booking EFM VoD only is not possible.

Access to EFM Market Screenings

Access to on-site Market Screenings is only permitted for holders of a Market Badge. Priority is given to Buyers Badges. Companies that have booked a Market Screening can request a limited number of screening invitations and request them through . Invitations are required for invited guests without a Market Badge. Festival accreditations are not permitted for Market Screenings and will also need a screening invitation.
Rights holders may restrict access to their screenings. Information on the restrictions will be published in the EFM Screening Schedule.

Access to Online Market Screenings as well as EFM VoD can be restricted via the My Account of the applicant using the access management tool. For further information please feel free to contact the EFM Screening Department.

Publication & Weekly Screening Schedule

All confirmed Market Screenings will be listed within the EFM Screening Schedule with details like date, time and venue. The printed weekly screening schedule displays on-site Market Screenings and will be available at the market locations and screening venues. Please note that each film title can only be linked to one company.
Please send your material for publication (e.g. filmstills, synopsis, etc.) to .

Screening Reports

EFM staff scans the Market Badges at the entrance of the screening venues in order to list all attendees of the respective screening with names, companies and their contact information.
Screening reports will be sent via mail after the screening and are also provided within the account of the applicant.
Screening reports for online Market Screenings are also available within your account.


Berlinale Series Market offers the chance to book on-site and online Market Screenings and presents a handpicked selection of recently completed series, including short form and documentaries, screened to potential buyers from around the world. All Berlinale Series Market Screenings will be listed in the EFM Screening Schedule by the beginning of February 2024 and are accessible with a Market Badge. The same applies to online screenings. Please note that some screenings are accessible by invitation only.
A maximum of 2 screenings per title is allowed. We recommend to show 2 episodes of your series.
In order to request a series Market Screening please contact:


Programmes of short and medium-length films (up to 45 minutes) will be presented on Wednesday, February 21, 2024.
The Screenings of short films will take place at CinemaxX studios (150€ / 30 minutes)

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made by January 24, 2024 are free of charge. From January 25, 2024 a cancellation fee of 15% of the screening will be charged. If the cancellation is received after January 30, 2024 50% of the screening fee will be charged. From February 6, 2024 the full screening fee will be charged.

Important Dates & Deadlines

early November, 2023: EFM Entry Form opens
December 15, 2023: Deadline for submissions – submissions received after this deadline will be programmed based on the availability of slots
January 24, 2024: Cancellation – free of charge
January 25 - 30, 2024: Cancellation – 15% of the screening fee applies
January 26, 2024: Delivery for publication material
January 31, 2024: Delivery / film or series upload
from January 31 – February 5, 2024: Cancellation – 50% of the screening fee applies
from February 6, 2024: Cancellation – full screening fee applies


We accept payments via
- bank/wire transfer (all bank charges at the expense of the sender)
- credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express)

If no payment is made by the invoice due date and despite a payment reminder, the EFM reserves the right:
- to charge a penalty of 20% of the total amount due
- to cancel the respective screening(s) with immediate effect. In such case, the client remains in debt to pay the full invoice amount.

Technical Guidelines
Technical requirements for festival and EFM media