The information on this page serves as a general orientation on the booking process.

Updated information on the Berlinale Series Market 2025 will be published from autumn 2024.


Berlinale Series Market

Berlinale Series Market offers the chance to book Market Screenings, Showcases, Industry Tables and presents a handpicked selection of recently completed series, including short form and documentaries, screened to potential buyers from around the world. Please find the various ways on how to become part of our programme below.

At Berlinale Series Market, companies have the opportunity to arrange Market Screenings to present their recently completed serialised content, including short-form and documentaries to delegates, press, and potential buyers from around the world.

Market Screenings are held in various settings, from intimate studios with VIP seating to spacious cinema venues at the newly renovated CinemaxX at Potsdamer Platz.

Throughout the three-day market programme, Berlinale Series Market offers an exclusive glimpse into the latest productions and business developments from key industry players. From unveiling titles to discovering international hits and fostering new partnerships, Berlinale Series Market empowers industry professionals to showcase their work, connect and do business.

Selection of previous Showcases and Panels: How to produce with Netflix (fast), Prime Video Presents Germany, Creating for Global Audiences (ITV), Cracking the Case: Crime Narratives for New Generations (All3Media), Why so Series? A Discussion on how Black Comedy travels (APFI)

For customised offers and more details please reach out at .

As the first market of the year, Berlinale Series Market offers select international players the chance to present, connect, and do business in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere. Industry Tables are located at the Gropius Bau, the renowned exhibition hall that serves as the world's largest meeting point for connecting series and film professionals.

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Berlinale Series Market provides various networking opportunities and venues conveniently located at the heart of the market right on Potsdamer Platz. At CinemaxX, where Market Screenings take place, special settings are reserved for post-screening gatherings, breakfast and coffee meetups, and cocktail parties to encourage networking between industry professionals.

Berlinale Series Market also offer red carpet gala events at premium locations for launches of new productions, providing an opportunity to present those to the international press and audiences. For more details on networking opportunities, please contact us at .