Drama Series Days

You can access all Drama Series Days events and series screenings with a regular EFM Market Badge. When registering, please make sure to choose as work sector one of the following: Drama Series Acquisitions, Drama Series Sales, Drama Series Development, Drama Series Other, Drama Series Producer, Drama Series Distribution or TV Distribution, TV Sales, TV Acquisitions, TV Broadcast.

Every Market Badge holder has access to the Drama Series Days panels on a first come first serve basis.

A Drama Series Days market screening within the European Film Market gives recently completed series a platform to be shown to potential buyers from all around the world.

If you want to book a market screening and submit your drama, docu series or web series, please contact us at . Deadline for submissions is the 30th November 2018.

All series screenings will take place in the Zoo Palast Cinemas (approx. 160 seats) Monday, 11th February, Tuesday, 12th February or Wednesday, 13th February 2018. The program will be available by the end of January 2018.

All participants registered with a Market Badge have access to the market screenings of drama series.

The screening can be briefly introduced by our moderator. You are welcome to introduce cast or crew members on that occasion. You can show up to two episodes of your series. Q&A sessions are not possible after the screening, but we are happy to assist you with finding an alternative venue.

All participants registered with a Market Badge have access to the market screenings of drama series. We can also provide a limited number of screening invitations for your guests without Market Badges. If you wish to exclusively invite a certain audience, we will announce your screening as private so it will only be accessible on your invitation.

The cost for a market screening of your serial content is €450 / hour for studios and €600 / hour for cinemas. The categories “cinema“ and “studio“ refer to the size of the screening facilities and determine the screening prices. Costs include an entry in the official publications of the EFM 2019 such as the EFM Catalogue and EFM Screening Schedule.

Being registered with a Market Badge, you will be able to access the full list of Participants at the European Film Market as of mid-January via your personal My Account login.

The networking events are hosted by different partners and we are open to any suggestions for possible networking events hosted by you. Some networking events are on invitation only.

Our stand department is happy to advise you on available exhibition space and prices. Please contact: .

For all further questions regarding the Drama Series Days, please get in touch.