Following the success of its previous editions, EFM Horizon returned from 21-25 February 2020 at the impressive ‘Berliner Freiheit’ building on Potsdamer Platz, within convenient walking distance to the Marriott Hotel. EFM Horizon comprises a number of enriching programme modules, aiming to support the transformation of the film and media sectors through an interdisciplinary approach.


EFM Horizon
Berliner Freiheit, 10785 Berlin

Horizon 2020 kicked off with a presentation of Göteborg Film Festival’s annual Nostradamus Report, looking to the future of the audiovisual industry. While the influence of tech innovations on creative industries played a role in the 2020 EFM Horizon programme and has been represented in a session on the pragmatic use of AI for all stages of filmmaking as well as in the EFM Startups 2020 programme and the returning EFM VR NOW Summit, novel topics entered EFM Horizon’s agenda. Just a few steps away from gender parity on its own stage, two sessions highlighted different angles on why female and diverse impact is a must for the future of the film industry. EFM’s recently published sustainability manifesto made its presence felt at two sessions focussing on hands-on solutions for unsustainable habits in all corners of the film industry. EFM Horizon sought to give impulses to tackling the pressing issue of creative industries’ mental health and aimed to grow awareness. Drawing on experiences of representatives from other trades such as music and games in this well-being session and further panels on the struggle for consumer attention and one Industry Debate’s question for indie strategies in an increasingly fragmented streaming landscape, EFM Horizon deepens its profile as a platform looking beyond the confines of a single industry. 2020 marks the beginning of what’s been dubbed as the streaming wars, addressed in a fishbowl format workshop looking into the EU’s next moves on the global chessboard that is the 2020 streaming landscape and drawing the five-day EFM Horizon programme to a close.