Streaming Geopolitics -
The EU's Next Moves on the Global Chessboard
Tuesday, 25 February, 4 pm - 6 pm (by invitation only)

Please note that the information currently given below refers to EFM Horizon 2020 and is shown in order to offer a general insight. All relevant content will be updated as soon as it becomes available.

What is at stake for the EU in the 2020s? Which strategies for industry positioning are actually viable in a global context? Where will European content be? How is it going to be accessed? What are the intermediate steps that are required to allow media and entertainment professionals to work towards an EU streaming vision on a daily basis?

To answer these questions, this interactive workshop will pool on-the-ground industry knowledge from a hand-picked group of media and entertainment professionals. After gathering the facts about the real-world impact of streaming on storytelling, production, distribution, mediatech innovation and media policy inside and outside the EU, an open group discussion will consider emerging market trends and policy developments and how these might interface with a pragmatic action plan for the next decade of European streaming strategy.


EFM Horizon
Berliner Freiheit, 10785 Berlin

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