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"EFM Startups champions talent and ambition while inspiring Startup founders with the confidence to reach their highest goals."

Maria Tanjala and Irina Albita, Big Couch

EFM Startups Alumni 2018

EFM Startups annually selects ten leading tech entrepreneurs with cutting-edge products and ideas and introduces them to the film and media industry at the European Film Market. The industry is changing rapidly, heading in new directions and EFM Startups champions innovative companies with the skills and capabilities necessary to anticipate trends and to develop solutions that work across an evolving landscape.

Since its inception in 2015, EFM Startups has offered 50 innovative companies a unique opportunity and platform to present their ground-breaking ideas to key executives in the media and film industry. The platform includes a public pitch, networking with festival and market professionals, and one on one meetings with key industry executives.

EFM Startups acts as a stepping stone for its promising participants to attain a heightened level of visibility within one of the top film markets in the world. EFM Startups strives to build a sustainable infrastructure connecting bright new ideas with the industry's development, production, distribution or marketing sectors.

Below is a list of companies who have taken part in EFM Startups since 2015:


EFM Startups

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ARTINII Czech Republic

Artinii is a cloud-tech driven media enterprise, providing revolutionary solutions for secure digital distribution of audio-visual content. The DaaS launch products fulfill Artinii’s goal to simplify the distribution process, broaden films target audiences, and make it easier for producers, IP owners, and distributors to reach audiences worldwide.


BlockFilm is a virtual, secure B2B hub that allows content creators to pitch their projects at an early stage to new and broader classes of investors (professional) as well as to a community of film fans (fan/crowd/audience) around the world. The platform allows producers to create their own regulated financial instruments to raise production budgets in fiat currency and also facilitates the issuance of NFTs.

Endcrawl USA

Endcrawl is a web-based platform that solves a well-known post-production problem: the end credits process. It does this by handing producers direct control of the process, a single source of truth, and a cloud render engine that reduces turnaround time from hours and days to minutes and seconds. Endcrawl has been used by over 2,500 films and TV series including Nomadland, Judas and the Black Messiah, Promising Youg Woman, Hamilton, Tiger King, Pennyworth, Nora from Queens, Icarus, and Free Solo.

Faber Courtial - Pheonix Germany

A leading creator of award-winning immersive experiences and an acclaimed studio for VFX, animation and postproduction since 1998. Unrivaled are our studio’s impressively convincing reconstructions of inaccessible or long-gone scenarios, such as ancient Rome (300 AD), outer space or the history of the Earth. Over time Faber Courtial has compiled a massive library of very different photorealistic 3D settings that are ideally suited for the use in virtual productions.

Lumiere Project Singapore

Lumiere offers film finance-tracking solutions, which lower investment risks for financiers. Lumiere makes the investments in film more liquid and traceable. From 2019, it has successfully on-boarded client projects. Its first tokenisation on a film ('Papicha') was nominated by Algeria for the Oscars 2020 and won 2 Cesar prizes in February 2020.

Moviestorm First Stage UK

Moviestorm are developer/publishers of 3d animated filmmaking tools since 2005. Their new product, FirstStage, is a VR-based virtual production studio for the previsualisation of traditional films and virtual productions. Built upon expert natural user interface research and fast to use, it enables remote non-technical filmmakers to collaboratively build, animate and film scenes, explore opportunities, test ideas and share them in real time.


Primetime is a vetted global platform for all the women working above and below the line behind the camera, providing the Industry with a simple solution to look at its hiring practices and find inclusive teams.

Renderro Poland

Renderro is a Cloud Workplace that helps post-production studios as well as individual artists to perform their work faster and cheaper. It makes all the tools needed for modern post-production – computing power, specialised software, secure storage, creative team collaboration and management - easily accessible from any personal device in a pay-as-you-go model.


Screen Advantage is a unique Finance Plan and Recoupment Waterfall management tool; it takes my proprietary models & makes them accessible to anyone. In time, Screen Advantage intends to provide additional add-ons, making it an indispensable strategic planning & management hub for independent film and television producers, worldwide.

stornaway.io UK

Stornaway.io is an interactive story editor & platform. It empowers creative teams to write, produce and publish interactive films & video story games - without coding. Launched in May 2020, Stornaway.io are already working with top production companies on pitches for streaming platforms as well as providing a SaaS product for independent video producers globally.


AfroLandTV is an online streaming TV Platform for Pan African TV shows and movies. A Netflix or Disney+ for Africa. The content library includes Africa, African American, Black European and Afro-Latino. AfroLand’s mission is to tell Pan African stories to the world.


Copenhagen Industries is a groundbreaking new startup developing safe and reliable technologies for special effects in the entertainment and event industry. Violette by Copenhagen Industries is a replica weapon that appears as if they are shooting blanks, but without the hassle of permits, compliance, cost or risks of injury.


CYANITE makes emotions in music visible. Various AI-powered music analysis and discovery solutions support producers of audiovisual content and music professionals in their search for music that feels right. The startup meets at the interface of audio and visual, data science and software engineering and has been awarded by TechCrunch, Google and Kultur & Kreativpiloten.


Feelbelt revolutionises the audio experience by using haptic feedback and adds a new dimension to the universe of sound. All audible frequencies become perceptible for the first time.


Kamua is a powerful online video production tool that uses AI-driven automation to save valuable time for visual storytellers. Filmmakers, videographers and content marketers can reformat desktop/broadcast videos into social media formats in minutes instead of hours and days. Fully online browser based, Kamua eliminates the need for heavy and expensive workstations that are a hassle to bring on location and cloud-based processing frees up creative people to do more with their time.

LARGO Switzerland

Largo provides data-driven intelligence to the audio-visual industry with the proprietary technologies that show the recipes to success. Largo has a strong AI engine that has a cognitive pattern understanding system from video, audio, and text. The system converts these cognitive patterns to meaningful insights for the producers, writers and distributors.


Monocular provides user friendly visualisation tools for feature film productions and other visual media. It uses Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to help the production team create a prototype of their film before they start filming. This streamlines the production process, minimises the risk for budget variances and boosts the creative dialogue with the team during pre-production.


Smash empowers producers to reach markets quickly and monetise efficiently. This innovative product will launch in the film industry before embracing all content creators. Smash is the only platform to offer a comprehensive range of tools and services that include a sales estimator, project presentation builder, talent discovery and matchmaking. Smash offers true transparency across the whole production journey.


StoryFit drives story innovation for the entertainment and publishing industries. Combining rich NLP and machine-learning expertise with a deep understanding of narrative content, StoryFit is revolutionising the dataset provided to storytellers – helping them to acquire the best content, identify the most effective story elements for audience engagement, track key development changes, and determine the appropriate audience – all based on the movie script or manuscript.


Willco is a cloud application for film and TV production. It integrates features of information sharing and distribution, digital approval, issuing of production documents and paperless legal paperwork processing. Willco’s objective is to bring physical production to a smarter, more efficient and, above all, sustainable level.


Aiconix develops a plaform that online media producers can use to understand throughout the production process when viewers will lose interest and sign off. The system will be able to recommend where and how the dramaturgy of a film could be adapted to reduce bounce rates.


Archive Valley is an international platform that offers filmmakers a privileged access to unique footage across the world, by enabling direct connection with hundreds of archive sources and archive researchers in more than 80 countries.

EVRBIT Germany

Evrbit is an edge technology company with its focus on synchronised VR, AR and location based applications. One of our most used products is the frame accurate audio-synchronised VR Sync Cinema for an unlimited number of devices. No headphones, but pure emotion. Evrbit's purpose is to build interactions by making technology collaborative.


FilmarketHub is the first online marketplace for films and series in development. We are experts in matching international projects with producers, TV broadcasters, OTT platforms, sales agents and distributors.

LMDP CO. Canada

VFC Biomediae is an audience biofeedback SaaS aimed for the indie film & digital media creatives and rights holders.


Polkatulk aims at disrupting content distribution and copyright management via a dedicated micro-service architecture, specific video encoding, and a content & copyright management suite relying on blockchain protocols. Our technology is currently demonstrated by our first instantiation Scenso.tv, the first sVOD OTT platform dedicated to distribution of performing arts videos.


Ticketing Group is a private company that connects cultural institutions to as many people as possible. We do this by offering a unique data driven, transparent and cost-effective alternative to today’s ticketing solutions for cultural venues.

VOTEMO Estonia

Votemo is real time audience particpation platform for TV. Votemo makes sport broadcasts, reality shows, news and political discussions interactive and can be used for live TV, recorded shows, web TV and e-learning. With Votemo the audience no longer just watches a show but becomes part of it.


White Rabbit aims to professionalise the peer to peer (p2p) market in order to collect revenue and data from the worlds largest streaming market.

ZELOS Estonia

Zelos is a tasking app for large volunteer teams. It automatically engages your volunteers with social media marketing, ticket sales, extra tasks and shift exchange. Zelos started as an internal tool for the Black Nights Film Festival in Estonia, but is now available to all festivals, conferences, communities - any organisations that engage large amounts of volunteers.


BIG COUCH has established a reputation in the film industry with CREWFUNDING, a new finance model, which helped indie film producers fund their films in the UK, Iceland, Spain, Italy, and NY. They financed and recruited for films backed by the BFI, Creative Scotland, Icelandic Film Centre and produced by BAFTA-award winning producers. In early 2018, Big Couch has developed a new product called FilmChain, a revenue distribution platform on the blockchain. FilmChain establishes how networks of smart contracts can support film and digital projects with the worldwide exploitation of their content.


CINURU RESEARCH works toward a future in which movie-going is a truly digital experience. While film production, distribution, and even exhibition have been digitised in recent years, the movie industry’s customer relationship still remains mostly analogue and anonymous. Rooted in research and having a strong background in analytics, the start-up based in Babelsberg collects and analyses customer data from their cinema loyalty app CINURU and helps cinemas and distributors understand, reach, and retain their audiences.


CUES is an analytics company that provides a bespoke audience attention report specifically for the film industry. We track and analyse online interactions around your title and provide a comprehensive analysis of the territories where your film is likely to find a receptive audience.


Augmen.tv by eyecandylab revolutionises television by combining first and second screen into one seamless, interactive and highly entertaining experience. Augmen.tv is renewing the way of watching TV by bridging the world of TV with AR to provide additional information and interaction features for direct response to advertisement and broadcasting content.

FASSOO Germany, UK

Fassoo is a SaaS automated multi-language video tagging platform, which will enable the automated generation of metadata dedicated to films based on computer vision and machine-learning technologies. The platform allows filmmakers and production companies to upload video files to the platform to be automatically tagged and indexed. Key components of the automated tagging process are intelligent keyframe extraction, person recognition, semantic concept detection, logo and object recognition, optical character recognition and the detection of interpersonal interactions.


GRUVI is a marketing technology platform that helps entertainment companies reach and engage online audiences prior to and during a film's release. Customers include Disney, Odeon and many more. GRUVI's latest product is The Audience Project (TAP). It's an Audience Database specific to the needs of the entertainment industry by collecting and analysing a range of data points for film and tv audiences (cookies, emails, custom audiences, social profiles) from a wide variety of sources including social media, and 1st, 2nd and 3rd party data.

OVA Canada

Most of the VR/AR content that exists today has been developed by teams of highly talented and technical individuals with experience using professional 3D Engine or with a background in programming. The learning curve is steep and difficulty of building VR/AR content has been limited the amount of available tools. StellarX is the best tool out there for non-programmers to develop their own VR/AR environments — and through simple drag-and-drop creation.


THREE LEFTS is a research and development studio of disruptive technologies focused on the Blockchain. Positioned at the forefront of industry, we have built leading bespoke blockchain enterprise solutions for diverse industries. In an ever globalizing and complex business environment, our Smart Contract platform allows for the communication and consolidation of legal contracts for increased efficiency, enforcement and auditability. Leveraging this technology, our Media blockchain solution secures and improves the distribution of media for intellectual property rights management.


VIALOG is an app for threaded video reviews. Browse and track Berlinale and EFM discussions about movies that matter. Comment on any film of the festival with VIALOG to win prizes. Ask journalists, cast and the crew to get video responses from real people. Enjoy ultrafast video uploads and smooth video browsing anywhere you go. VIALOG provides unique, hyper-relevant video content for marketers. The team has been awarded funding by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency and have collaborated with King's College.

YOU-VR Germany

YOU-VR offers with its E2 EXPERIENCE ENGINE a software-platform and turnkey solution for content creators and IP owners to port their IP to the future of storytelling: a web of multi-sensory immersive story formats, be it VR, AR, MR, enhanced by machine learning to offer users a personalization of the offered story-world. VONDERLAND – as You-VRs Entertainment brand – helps to translate linear film and animation stories to interactive & multi-sensory adventures for the whole family.

AIVA Luxembourg

Aiva is the Artificial Intelligence which quickly composes emotional soundtracks for content creators. She has learned the art of music composition by reading through a large collection of partitions, written by the greatest composers to create a mathematical model representation of what music is. This model is used to write completely unique music.

CTRLMOVIE Switzerland / USA

CtrlMovie owns a unique and patent-pending IP, which allows to create seamless interactive movies of cinematic quality for mobile devices, interactive theatrical screenings and home entertainment. CtrlMovie creates interactive movies on its own and offers its technology and services to third party producers in the entertainment, advertising and education industries. In 2016, CtrlMovie launched its first feature-length production called “Late Shift”, which has received international critical acclaim.

DIVE Spain

DIVE is a context discovery platform. It gives immediate answers to all the questions and curiosities that resonate on your mind while you are watching your favourite movie or TV show. DIVE makes the whole experience of watching movies of TV series “contextually immersive”.


Illusion Walk developed a virtual reality platform named “Immersive Deck” where users can walk in large-scale virtual spaces, interact with reality, and also feel the experience with several senses. It combines the latest hardware technology and real-time graphic rendering with positional tracking to establish highly immersive experiences and also develop interfaces to integrate external studio content, photogrammetry, and techniques for efficient production in virtual worlds.


Mobisol, a leading player in decentralized solar electrification, offers a clean and affordable alternative to fossil fuels for lower-income households and small businesses in rural Sub-Saharan Africa. Combining solar energy with mobile payment technology, Mobisol designs, procures, distributes and services large solar home systems. Mobisol aims to combine its high-quality entertainment products with valuable, target-group centered content.


Native Studios’ mobile-video app CREACE provides users with instant storytelling skills – on brand and at scale. Mobile video is all the rage, but leveraging user generated video is tricky: threshold for users is high, participation is low and the resulting content is inconsistent. CREACE solves this problem by fusing guided user video with professional content, automatically and at scale: easy in-app guidance is lowering the threshold for users, while professional packaging allows consistent messaging, branding and quality-control for brands / media partners.

PICL Netherlands

PICL is an initiative by Herrie Film & TV to assist independent Dutch and European films and documentaries in cultivating larger audiences and in helping cinemas create new possibilities to present these films to their audiences. To do so, Stichting Nederlandse Filmpromotie (SNFP) was founded in 2016 with the objective to help cinemas find larger audiences for new quality films and documentaries by means of a video player offering films through their own websites as well as in their screening rooms.

SPICE VR Germany

SPHERIE, produced by SpiceVR, is the first drone system specifically designed for capturing 360° VR film. It combines modern drone- and VR-technology to allow full spherical VR-capturing of moving situations and static environments. This free-floating camera system produces VR motion picture without capturing any equipment, camera team or the drone itself. SPHERIE is highly effective at filming in close quarters and long-range, indoors and outdoors. SpiceVR uses Spherie to create VR films of never before-seen quality.


Viorama set out to pioneer new technologies for audiences to experience immersive, interactive content in Virtual and Augmented Reality. It launched Splash, the first mobile app ever to enable users to record and share 360 videos using their phone. Applying knowledge gained from Splash, which has the largest online community for user generated 360 videos, Viorama has been developing a new app that put users virtually into the movies. As of 2019, Viorama discontinued its services.

VIRTELIO Luxembourg

Realab brings together talented creators and technophiles to develop new apps and software with 3 words in mind: simple, user-friendly and innovative. Realab is working on a software to create VR movies with multiple storylines, adjusting the story to the viewers’ unconscious behavior: Virtelio. With Virtelio anyone can create interactive non-linear VR movies with multiple storylines in just a few simple clicks, no coding required.


Beemgee is dedicated to story development, focusing on plot outlining and character building. With Beemgee, authors can create virtual writers’ rooms online, visualise plot structure, and work on it together with director, producer, or editor without having to physically meet.


Greta and Starks Apps aims to unlock the market for subtitles with a potential of 60.2 million Euro turnover each year easily with existing subtitles. Greta and Starks, which for the first time enables location independent access to overall cinema experience for blind, visually impaired, hearing impaired viewers and their families now extended activities into subtitle markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Israel. For 2020, the launch of new products enabling multilingualism in the cinemas is planned.


JustWatch is an international movie marketing startup that helps the film industry to reach the relevant audience for their content. By collecting anonymised data on movie taste and buying behaviour through our consumer products, we build user profiles that provide a deep understanding of user’s movie preferences. Based on these user profiles we run relevant and highly efficient (mobile) video campaigns for the movie industry.


Maschinen-Mensch was founded April 2014 with the goal to create innovative games aimed at unattended niches in gaming. Artistic expression and the will to take experimental risks in terms of gameplay, storytelling or visual identity are main factors of our DNA.


ScriptBook provides film studios and production companies, distributors and film sales agents with box office forecasts through automated analysis of film scripts.


Smart Pricer‘s big data software helps cinemas and distributors increase their box office revenues through dynamic pricing. Based on the film‘s popularity, show time, bookings and weather their algorithms automatically predict demand and set the optimal price mix – for every single cinema show.


The Future Group set out to create “The Future Universe”, a revolutionary social entertainment platform that melds TV, gaming, brand awareness and social shopping (e-commerce) into a holistic experience like no other. Combining cutting-edge movie special effects pioneered in “The Matrix®”, with VR and storytelling/product positioning for brands, The Future Universe communicates through every screen: PC, mobile and primetime TV. No headsets or other gear are required to access or participate in this new experiential platform. As of 2019, The Future Group has moved from content and tech, to mainly a tech company.


Usheru powers direct ticketing and marketing data insights for film distributors. Usheru's technology uniquely connects a film website to cinemas’ existing point-of-sale systems and allows consumers to book tickets really simply. For film distributors and promotional agencies, usheru provides a way to connect marketing spend to cinema ticket purchase and an insights platform to allow film marketeers real time visibility into the sales success of marketing campaigns.


Valossa Labs is a university spin-off that produces AI powered video products poised to disrupt media industries with novel applications. Valossa has Deep Search and Deep Metadata products that enable better discovery, management and monetisation of video assets. Valossa has offices in Oulu, Finland and Sunnyvale, California.

WEMAKEVR Netherlands

WeMakeVR is a pioneer in the world of Virtual Reality and has been creating VR-experiences since 2013. WeMakeVR wants to bring true moments of joy with the greatest virtual reality experiences. They created a revolutionary camera system to produce true immersive 3D films for virtual reality, so you can be anywhere you want to be, any time you choose.


Dailyme TV is an on-the-go TV service. Users can define their personal favourites, which are automatically downloaded and compiled as soon as the device connects to a WiFi. The portfolio contains German and English shows, series, and movies as well as news, documentaries and kids programs from channels like ARD, ZDF, ProSieben, BBC.


Emolyzr measures the emotional impact of communication (trailers, clips, storyboards, etc.) by using advanced and reliable neuroscientific methods. Clients gain deep and unique insights to communicate with a maximum impact on their target group behavior.


Moviepilot.de is one of Webedia’s platforms for movies and cinema. Webedia’s platforms connect over 7 million movie lovers with news and stories that matter and completes their offer with games, sweepstakes, and campaigns. For b2b customers Webedia’s offers include high level social media marketing and publishing services.

SOCIUS Germany

Socius is a digital marketing tool that transforms content from social media into an engaging brand story by filtering the best posts into your social hub. Filmmakers can create an online experience by combining exclusive behind the scenes content with reactions from fans and critics.

TVIB Germany

TVIB bridges the gap between on-air and online. The TV spot recognition technology detects and recognizes TV spots as soon as they air. tvib uses that data to analyze and optimize the interplay between TV and web marketing campaign by measuring the ad effects on the relevant websites.


VAST MEDIA is an independent research and consulting company, analyzing and benchmarking digital projects and content marketing campaigns launched by broadcasters, studios, and TV producers worldwide. VAST MEDIA focuses on how to advertise and extendTV shows, series and films online. In July 2018, VAST MEDIA became part of digital agency BIG SUN.


Videopath was an easy-to-use and powerful solution for organisations using video to better communicate with customers. It was designed to optimise marketing videos and explainers by allowing users to insert web elements like websites, blog posts and pictures directly into the video. This increased the effectiveness of the video by improving engagement and increasing conversion. As of 2018, Videopath discontinued its services.

VIGOUR Germany

Vigour is a young company with a fresh perspective on multi-screen content consumption. It increases content engagement and drives monetisation for their clients using the opportunities of an increasingly connected world. Their flagship product enables media companies to offer their target group yet unseen multi-screen interaction over different platforms and devices. As of 2019, Vigour has joined forces with 24i Media.


Wonderlamp Industries is founded by visionary media technology experts and film professionals. With his combined know-how DJINNI has been created - an integrated software solution that makes it easy, fast, and affordable to produce animated content while it maximizes the creative potentials over the whole production process.

ZOOBE Germany

Zoobe was an app, allowing the creation of customized video avatar messages. Recognition technology synched the lip movements of the animated cartoon video avatars while the user recorded the audio. The video message could be shared one-by-one or to a larger audience via link. As of 2017, Zoobe discontinued its services.

"EFM Startups champions talent and ambition while inspiring startups founders with the confidence to reach their highest goals."

CINURU RESEARCH Potsdam, Germany
"The EFM Startups initiative provided a valuable showcase for our company early on and helped us grow our international networks in more ways than we would have imagined!"

EYECANDYLAB Unterfoehring, Germany
“It was an awesome experience, especially the individual organization and the good matchmaking were blast!”

GRUVI London, UK
"In an industry that is often too keen on sticking to the tried and tested, EFM Startups takes the important step of putting a focus on innovation. We, at Gruvi, are very grateful to have been given the opportunity to showcase our activity and upcoming projects in the context of the European Film Market."

OVA Montreal, Canada
"EFM Startups initiative 2018 is a mélange of ideas for those who are willing to think outside the box. From my point of view, it is more than just a festival for film. It’s also about how technology is at the core of this evolving sector. By grouping all these fields together, it forces the participant to realize that new ideas emerge when concepts cross multiple medium. It’s a kind of a crystal ball for film industry.”

"EFM Startups is a unique visibility opportunity for startups in the international movie industry. We were fortunate to be part of the programme, and have met with film festival programmers, producers and agents to test our assumptions and better define our propositions. Empowered by new contacts and their insights, Vialog can now provide better solutions as the ultimate mobile video app for discussing films at festivals."

YOU-VR Potsdam, Germany
"The EFM Startups initiative was the best and smoothest pitching and meeting experience I had with You-VR. It all worked in a charm. Thank you!"